Shadow of the Matterhorn - other travellers?

Hey all. I'm Tom, 28, from London. Going on the Matterhorn trip departing on Sat 15 August. If anyone else on the trip happens to be on here, let me know... Would be great to hear from you!



Hey there,

My names sneha and travelling from Crawley south of London. Never done anything like this before but always wanted to so here I am! Seems like I am on the same trip as you Tom!

 You reckon it will be cold out there, I always end up being cold but hopefully with the walking I'll keep warm?! :D


-- Sneha


Hey Sneha. Great to hear from someone else on this trip! I guess you'll also be on the group flight out of City?

I reckon it could get cold up at the higher altitudes, especially in the evening. As you say, we'll probably stay warm during the daytime with all the walking we'll be doing! I'm definitely going to take a fleece with me.

Do you reckon you'll sign up for the chance to climb the Breithorn??! I'm getting excitied - not long to go now.



Hey Tom,

Yes, I will be travelling from City airport, wanted to go from a more local airport but easier to get the same flight with the rest of you guys I think! 


I've never done this kind of trip and unsure how to pack? should i pack a big hiking type bag and carry a small rucksuck...we won't be carry our stuff through the mountains will we, thats what I understand anyway..

 I reeallly want to do that breithorn climb but worried I might not be fit enough!! Should have gone on runs to keep fit or something!! i try and play football with the guys at work so get some run around time there.

 It would be nice to meet up with the group from the city but makes sense to meet up in switzerland :)





Hi guys,

 I've just bagged the last place on the trip apparently.  Very excitied and just slightly petrified!  Have my running stuff on at the moment ready for a little training ... but appear to be still sat on the sofa!  Its great to learn a few names before we all meet up in Zermatt though.  Have either of you done an exodus trip before??



Hi Rachel,

Great to hear from someone else! Like you say, it'll be good if we know a few names when we get over there. I'm also trying to get in some exercise before the trip (not always with much success...)

I've been on one exodus trip before, which was a trip to climb Kilimanjaro back in February. Also went on safari and spent some time in Zanzibar. Had an amazing time. How about you?



Hi Rachel & Tom,

Yes, really good to hear from another person! Are you also travelling from City Airport? This is my first trek and bit worried about my fitness; planned a reasonable run today...came in after 20 mins! doh!

You've done anything similar to this then Rachel?

Hm, not sure how to carry a 40litre bag..I can fit 20kg into that you think?? 

You guys got everything you need? I bought my walking boots on Sunday, wearing them now to wear them in, hopefully they will otherwise i'm screwed :D

-- Sneha


Oops meant "can't fit 20kg into..." not 'can' lol.

 I had a bit of a dumb moment there, 20kg is maximum  we can take but I probably won't need all that :D

-- Sneha


 Hi Tom and Sneha,

Thanks for the replies.  Less than a week to go!  I walked in some new boots this weekend too Sneha, my old ones were so painful.  Went along a canal path though so not much training there for the mountain! 

I've done a few things like this before but not for a long time.  I actually spent a couple of months living on Kilimanjaro (low down) ages ago but I didn't go up it at the time.  I'd love to now thought, sounds great.  I had a friend who climbed Kili with Exodus last year and believe it or not he's doing almost the same trek as us this year but a week before, he's in Zurmatt now - shame we didn't talk before we booked! 

Anyway, I hear your packing issues, Sneha!  I've just gathered stuff on my bedroom floor so far!  Planning on sticking my 40 ltr rucksack into a big holdall thing along with everything else.  Will probably have tons of stuff - if in doubt, shove it in?!

Travelling from City too.  Perhaps we could have a secret sign to recognise each other..!  



Hi guys,

 I'm Dave, a bit of a late (impulse) booker, and I can't believe it's next week! Just spent too much money on replacing my walking kit which had all fallen to pieces on my last Exodus trip to Morocco. I prefer my trousers to have seats :-)

 Looking forwards to it. I'll be flying from Edinburgh so I'll catch you all over there. My flight is at some ungodly hour in the morning, so look out for the slightly dazed guy with bags under his eyes staggering about the place. Might get to see Geneva if I'm lucky.




I am getting worried that I am going to be the old man of this trip. I am Graham (51) and doing the trip with my 20 year old daughter Emily. Did the Tour Du Mont Blanc last year with Exodus, and the same guide, Ian. Based on that experience, would suggest 35/45 litre pack with warm and waterproof kit, but walking mainly in shorts etc. Last year we carried 6 days worth of clothing, but this time only out two nights at longest stretch. Tends to be pretty hot walking, but you quickly get cold stopping for lunch etc, and on last day we got snowed on, in August! On the city flight to, so look forward to meeting you all there or in Geneva.

Regards Graham




Hi Guys!

 Nice to hear from more people on this trip, you all seem really nice so expect it will turn out to be a good trip!

 I know this is a bit forward of me but if anyone wants to get in touch before we go, my number is 07950 737 053! I'll be travelling from London City Airport too. :)

 Happy packing people!




-- Sneha

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