SILK ROAD TOUR October 6 departure

This is going to be one epic trip - is anyone else out there going???



My only concern is there are no reviews as its a new trip and I'm a little worried about the 3 basic train trips (not Beijing to Xi'an). 

It will be my first holiday on my own and with Exodus.

Nathan 39


The train trips were a stumbling block for me too but bit the bullet and went for it, it's a journey I've wanted to do for years - how bad can it be?  As for travelling alone, I've done it before with Exodus and there were lots of other single, friendly, likeminded travellers in the group - wasn't a problem.

Gosh hope I'm not going to be the only one on the tour 

I have just signed up for this trip; looking forward to it.  This is my first trip with Exodus; but I have been to China before, about 10 years ago.  I arrive in Beijing on Oct 6, so I will be there to meet the rest of the group.


I'll be arriving on the 7th, flying direct from London with Air China but don't know how others are arriving, Exodus was offering an option with Air France via Paris.  I was there in 2005 but guess there will have been many changes with the Olympics. Apparently there are 10 currently signed up - I was beginning to get worried :)


Hi All from the Exodus office!

 We just ran our first departure of this trip and the feedback is generally good. I've just spoken to Colin who got back recently and he says not to worry about the train trips - they are in "soft-sleeper" class (so 4 to a room with berths, air-conditioning and a lockable door). There is one very long trip, but Colin said that the scenery was absolutely spectacular for it and made it more than worthwhile.

He did say that big hard suitcases were hard work for this trip on the trains - and suggests to try to keep to a smaller suitcase(s) or soft luggage to make it a little easier!

Have a great trip!

Dan (Exodus staff)

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