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Hi to everyone going on this trek. We are Ann and Jim trying to make time for longer walks in preparation for this trek as fitting in 10 -12 hours is proving difficult! Would love to hear from anyone else either on the trek or who has done it previously and can offer any useful advice

Hello to those going on the Ethiopian trip. Glad to hear there's at least another two folk on our trip (Jim and Ann Baron). We are Andy and Sally Cook from Edinburgh. Like others we are trying desperately to fit in some succive long day expeditions in preparation for this trip but the indifferent Scottish weather, normal daily routines and the decidedly shorter days are making this more difficult. Look forward to meeting you soon.

Time is starting to wind down. What seemed like ages until take off is now on the horizon. Does any one know how many of us are on this trip? Has any one got some useful tips to share? Look forward to hearing from you or meeting in Adis Ababa.

egamez gamez

Hi to everyone!!

 I’m Elena, travelling with my friend Antonio. Both of us are very excited about this trek. I have no idea of how many of us are on this trip, but probably 18 (max. group size).  I have a question for all of you:  Are you taking malaria prophylaxis??Looking forward to meeting in Adis Ababa or maybe at London airport. Elena


Hi Elena and fellow trekkers, Jim and I went to local travel clinic for our yellow fever vaccs and they pretty well persuaded us not to go for malaria prophylactic but use bite avoidance (deet mos repellant) as the risk was so slight (Addis free and rest of trek above 1800m) We haven't made our minds up yet as have a visit to own doctors for rest of jabs and were going to see what they advised . I'd much rather not take tablets if possible.

We are on Heathrow flight sunday night. I think there were 14 in total including us when we booked

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