Simien Mountains - how tough on your knees?


I am looking at the Simien Mountains trek and was hoping someone could advise whether this trek is suitable for someone physically fit (no problem to go up) but with weak knees and trouble with steep down hill.

I have done base camp Everest and was fine except for a few of the down hill days..


Hi Yann,

Brendan from Exodus here, I did the trip a couple of years ago. I have to be honest, it's a tough one for someone with bad knees and I'm not sure I'd advise it. Quite a few days have long ascents but also descents, so you're putting pressure on them for extended periods and even someone who has never had problems, like myself, found it tough going in places. On the day you trek to the Ras Dashen base camp, you have soemthing like an 8 hour descent, with the first 4 hours or so being very steep in places. If you did run into troupble, there is no emergency service to really get you out, it's a matter of hopping on the back of a mule! While it's a great trip, I think it's best to flag this up in advance. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with the office and ask for me.

Generally, leather boots are tougher and more durable whilst fabric boots are more breathable (cooler & lighter) and more comfortable - I have both and was wondering if anyonecould who has done this trip had an opinion as to which to take.  Many thanks

I used a pair of fabric boots on this one and they were fine.

This is one of Exodus' best trips, you will have a great time.



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