Sleeping Bags for Inca Trail


We have booked on the Inca Trail & Amazon Rainforest holiday for Sept 2010 and were wondering what sort of sleeping bags we will need for Inca Trail. Will the temperature get much below 0 degrees C at night.

Also is it best to bring a sleeping bag liner as well ? 



I did this trip in Oct 2007. It is very cold at night at the second and third camps which are the highest. I'd say a 3 season plus bag or four season bag is needed. A liner is worth taking as will add approx. 5 degrees of warmth if required. Take a travel pillow as well.



I would say definitely go with the 4 season bag. I did the Inca Trail September 2006 - as soon as the sun sets it gets very cold on the trail, particularly nights 2 and 3....I really appreciated my 4 season bag and thermals! I had a fever one night and was boiling hot but other than that myself and others were all grateful we had been cautious and bought layers!!!

Don't know if you're going anywhere near Lake Titicaca - but if so, it gets very cold there at night too.

Did both the Inca Trail and a week in the Amazon (near Iquitos) - you will have a fantastic time..enjoy! Remember deet...and a bandana or head band is useful for the Amazon - the mossies tend to fly full pelt at your forehead so being able to cover it is welcome!

We are due to go on the Inca Trail in July - is it best to bring our own sleeping bags or to hire some when we get there?

Take your own,would you like to sleep in someone else's!!

We did the inca trail last year. Your guide will ask everybody if you want to hire a seeping ing bag and and liner. You are limited to the weight you can pack in your "Sherpa" carried stuff which includes the sleeping bag and liner. We found that the hired bag was warm enough. If you have any probs send me your Email or phone number and I'll pass on some tips.

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