Snow fun!

Hey, so who else is going on this?

I'm Kate, 33, currently living in the beautiful peak district.

Although I did a ski season when I was 20 I'm hopeless on the slopes, so will at least bring some comedy moments to the group! As for all the other activities, well I've never tried any of them, so am super excited...especially about the dog sledding! Let's hope for lots of snow!

Look forward to meeting everyone out there! :-)


Hey Kate, I'm going too :)

I'm Jennifer, 33, living in West Berkshire.  I learnt to ski last year in New Zealand (tried snowboarding too but I'm terrible) and then after 5 days of fun, spent the next 4 weeks in plaster! I tried Cross Country Skiing when I was a teenager, but only once! Looking forward to trying out all the other activites though


i am tim living in sussex, i have been skiing qiute a bit before,  and also done most of activities but looking forward to the trip and meet new people.


Hi, I'm Chris and I've never been skiing before so I'll be rubbish. I used to go sledging as a kid so hopefully I'll be able manage that. I think I'll be good at sitting in the sauna though.


Hi I'm Sandra and I'm really looking forward to the next adventure although not the early flight!!!

I went on the x-country skiing trip to Dobbiacco in January and loved it but I thought I'd try a bit of everything in 2014. I've had a few ski lessons and I'm not really getting the hang of it yet so plenty of padding needed me thinks! Sledging has got to be the most fun?

Looking forward also to meeting everyone  


My one and only time skiing was over 25yrs ago on a school trip, so expect me to be rubbish. Looking forward to meeting everyone and like Chris, I think that I'll manage the saunas without any problems!


Ooh lots of us going on this trip and we seem to be of a similar standard/lack of standard. Looking forward to meeting and falling over on the mountains with you all :)

I'll be taking plenty of ibuprofen gel and strapping for my aching joints! I'm off to hunt out some new ski wear tonight, looks like my teenage ones haven't survived (both physically and stylishly!)

 I too think I'll be managing the saunas just fine - and the thermal pool afternoon!

Sandra - the flight time is horrible isn't it?  I'll be staying at the airport overnight as there's no chance of me making it otherwise! Is everyone else on the group flight? 



Hi Jennifer,

I'm staying at the Gatwick Holiday Inn , I only live an hour away but couldn't bear the thought of driving down so early! I'll sleep in my boots ;)

Any luck with the ski wear? Soooo pricey! 


Hey everyone! :-)
It's awesome to see all you guys booked too! It seems like a good mix of people, abilities, experience, etc.
I can't wait to actually meet you all!

I too am considering a hotel stay the night before as I live just past Sheffield, so quite a way to travel down. It's either that or see if I can sleep on the National Express overnight...which in the past hasn't usually worked! I'll probably end up going with the cheapest option though, so you'll have to see how awake I am at the airport!

I'm yet to try on my old ski gear, not sure it's still gonna fit. If not, I've got decent waterproofs and outdoor walking gear which I'll probably make do with and layer up with some thermals. I just wish it'd snow now so I can try it all out!


I've managed to pick up some bargains in TKMaxx, not my first, or second choice of colour, but they were cheap and they're waterproof! Unlike my actual waterproofs (which was my backup plan) which proved ineffective against  the current weather! Like Kate, I wanted a bit of snow to put everything through its paces! No judging the colour of my skiwear - you'll definitely not miss me on the slopes :)

I've stayed at the Gatwick Travelodge before and it's so much easier than trying to get the airport early! Undecided where I'll stay this time, it'll come down to whatever is cheapest (possibly a chair in arrivals, I've heard it's pretty good as far as airport sleeping goes, and there's a 24 hour M&S!) 

I just want it to be February now!  


So I'm all checked in online, boarding card printed, my bags out and I've even started packing a few bits....getting really excited now! This time next week! Yeeeeeeeey!

I've ended up taking the sleeping somewhere in the airport train gets me there around 12.30am so I'll have quite a few hours to kill....look out for me! :-)


Yay less than a week to go. I've been out at lunchtime getting all the little bits I forgot! I keep questioning whether I have the right things or not! How much ibuprofen gel does one person really need?

Kate, I'm in the airport all night too, i'll be there some time after 10 scoping out a good spot! I'll message you my mobile number if you want to meet up before the flight.

Should probably check in tomorrow, and buy some money...


OK, you can't send messages on here. I've sent you a friend request on Facebook...


Hey, great idea, will message you on Facebook! :-)


Hi all,

Yep I'm checked in and I've started packing and I'm going with the layer up version too, don't want to fork out on a ski jacket! Keeping an eye on the snow reports, looks like we could do with a dumping between now and Saturday so lots of snow dancing everyone :)

Very excited , good luck with the sleepover ladies and see you Saturday!

Wooohooooooooo !!



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