Snow shoeing in Finland

Anyone else is going on this trip, departing on January 19th?

All things being equal, I am. Just booked a few days ago.


Have you done snowshoeing before?

Yes, twice in Dolomites. Never been to Scandanavia though.


Oh you must be good then! It's our first time! Do you ski too? 

No, I'm not a skier. I desribe myslf as a simple fell walker. My friends just descibe me as simple.

Out of interest, are you staying around Gatwick on Saturday evening? I will be, having travelled down from Cumbria, and plan to go for a meal somewhere if you are in the vicinity and fancy meeting up?


Thanks,  that would have been a good idea but actually we are driving up on Sunday morning. We live in Wiltshire ( about 2.5 hours from Gatwick) and debated as to whether to stay in Gatwick overnight or not. However, as we will have to get up so early anyway, we thought we might as well do without any sleep and leave home at 1.00am and start the holiday then!! The timing of the flight is grim isn't it?

On practical matters, does it seem  a bit weird to you that we don't have to take any outdoor kit at all, even boots? I understand about the outer clothing but I was all prepared to take my walking boots but was assured I didn't need to. Was this the case on your other trips?

It did strike me as odd. Certainly in the Dolomites we just used our normal walking boots and general outdoor kit - but it is 'warmer' there! I will probably travel in my walking boots anyhow - for the flooding at Gatwick if nothing else!

I may see you in the airport - 6ft, 60, bald and bearded, usually with a flat cap on. Probably a red gilet.




A youngster then! As usual,Ron and I will be oldest on the trip I am sure. Now you will be able to spot us! Really looking forward to the trip and will look out for you at the airport. I'll be wearing purple coat and red wellies! 

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