So excited and I can't wait to get back on board

Hi to anyone that is/has booked, I am so excited and at the moment July seems so far away!



I'm booked on the trip too. It will be my second trip to Spitsbergen and I'm really looking forward to it.


I've boked on this trip too. It'll be my first trip to Spitzbergen but third trip with Exodus. Really looking forward to it.

Hi Carol, have you done Spitsbergen by boat or land before?

Ginny I am the same as you third exodus trip but 1st time to Spitsbergen.


Would you believe it's my third exodus trip too!
My last trip to Spitsbergen was a couple of years ago at this time of year. It was a weeks cruise in a small sailing ship, only 20 passengers. We spent most of the time ashore and sailed at night. We only went as far as the next fjord south as the sea was beginning to freeze. The landscape was spectacular but very little wild life and no Polar Bear. The sun didn't rise at all for the last two days and it was very cold. The Northern Lights were a disappointment but the trip wasn't.

I've just booked on the Spitsbergen trip on 16 July 2011. I've never been away with Exodus before. I am really looking forward to it, and agree with Christine, at the moment it seems so far away.

Caslu, I hope that you are not a jinx for us not seeing polar bears this time.......although I am sure with Paul Goldstein on the ship if anyone can find them he can.

Liz21 - i am sure by rading some of the other posts you can see that Exodus real us all in, but deliver the goods to keep us coming back.

It should be a great trip.


I too have just booked on the Spitsbergen trip and can't wait.  First Exodus trip and first trip on my own!!!  Hope I am sharing with somebody nice.

Hi Tinsel, I can't believe it's already 3 months since I booked the trip! Did anyone see the polar bear documentary with David Tarrant as narrator?  Wasn't it amazing and we are going there!!!!

There has also been an article in The Telegraph recently.  By the time summer arrives I am going to be on the ceiling, I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Is anyone going to the presentation that Paul Goldstein is giving in London on 22/2? I am going to try to get down for it.



Can't wait its the trip of a lifetime for us see you at the airport it can't come soon enough


Like some of you, I have never done a trip like this one before, if anyone has any words

of wisom or guidance please feel free to impart your prior knowledge.




 Like LesleyV  I would like any words of wisdom or guidance, do I need a parka!!!  Will a ski jacket do? Where can I get a waterproof camera bag?

I'm taking a ski jacket and I'm taking a rucksack with a waterproof cover which I got separately.  Most shops that sell outdoor clothes etc stock them.



I am a late booking on this trip. I sailed up the coast of Norway on the Hurtigruten route in March and my ski wear was fine so hope this bodes well. Often a cold wind blowing when on deck which needed extra layer if standing around. Saw Paul's presentation at the Destinations show in February which inspired me although I have a basic digital camera. I think this is my 7th trip with exodus travelling alone which has always worked well. Travelling done from Newcastle Friday night and staying near airport. See you then


Hi Annette, have you booked your hotel for the 15/7? I am looking at them.  Wondered where other people are staying. 



Hi Liz

I got a room at the Premier Inn (Heathrow airport Bath Road) for £39 but have since had info from Travelodge re cheap deals below that price  but am paid up so can't change.



Hi to all of you, Great to read others are excited too, we are new to Exodus so all the more excitement. Hard to believe it is neally here after 10 years of dreaming & saving, 2 years of planning and about 10 months since booking we will be leaving New Zealand in just on 3 weeks!! having a bit of time in Denmark before joining the rest of you on the boat, looking forward to meeting you all on the other side of the world.

Kylea & Vaughan


Hi All

I've just returned from the June Photographic Spitzbergen Explorer and am happy to answer any questions people may have about equipment, the ship etc.

Just to say for now that the trip was fantastic, with many wildlife sightings and amazing weather. The expedition staff are excellent and to have Ian Stirling (world's leading polar bear expert) on board was amazing. A very funny and humble man.




I am assuming that life on board ship will be casual and relaxed, particularly

in the evenings, please tell me if I am correct in this assumption as I don't want to pack

my tiara - I can use the weight for better things !  (Yes - I am joking about the tiara)

The trip is creeping up on me too fast now !!  Looking forward to meeting up with you all.


Life on board is casual and friendly. I travelled to Antarctica on this ship in 2008 and can't wait to enjoy her again. Teams are so professional, from crew through cabin care to exped group. Prepare to be entertained, educated, fed well, encouraged on deck when you might (for just a brief second!) rather stay in the warm.  Bring it on!


Hello to all future Vavilovers! Hello to Christine, will we see you in London 14th or 15th? Sonia, Hélène and I are soooo looking forward to this trip, back on board after the Antarctic experience of a lifetime last year. And great to have Woody and Annie with us, too! I saw one of Paul Goldstein's photo presentations, and agree with Christine about him finding polar bears... He'd better, anyway!!! Waterproof bag definitely a must have, parka or skying outfit fine. The shop onboard is great for buying the extra fleece if needed, and lots of other bits & bobs. So see you soon, all of you!

 To Leslie: you definitely don't need your tiara! Dress code is fantasticaly casual on board


To echo the answers above, the dress code is very casual.

Members of the expedition staff take it turns to be on the bridge looking for wildlife throughout the day and night (not that there is any night) and some have amazing vision. One of our polar bears was spotted 8km away! For the record, Paul Goldstein wasn't the first to spot any of the polar bears we saw but his photographic advice was first rate and although he can be an acquired taste I enjoyed his presence on board.


See you all soon. All we have to do now is pack ! Sara and Ian

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