So who's coming to China with me on 29th March?!

I'm Lisa and I've just booked onto the Highlights of China trip departing on Friday 29th March. This will be my first holiday with Exodus and I'm ridiculously excited - if rather nervous too! I'll be travelling solo and aged 26 by the time of the trip. Is there anyone out there who will be joining me?


Hi Lisa,

I'm Carolyn -  I have just booked to go on this trip and I'm really excited too! I went on a trip to India with Exodus a couple of years ago and it was amazing! I am 32 and travelling solo as well. I think the next couple of months will fly by with this to look forward to.

I think I got the last space so it must be quite a big group!



Hi Carolyn! :) Sorry for my slow reply, I only just saw your message! It's great to hear from someone else who's coming on this trip! Apparently it's fully booked with 10 women and 6 men. I'm getting very excited now but have a lot to sort out beforehand... How are you getting on with your preparations? Are you getting the group flight from Gatwick?


I'm not getting the group flight unfortunately! I stay near Edinburgh so it has worked out easier for me to get flights from there that connect in Amsterdam. I arrive a bit later than the group flight, but still in time for the dinner on the first night.

I don't feel prepared at all at the moment - Just going to try to get my visa this week and start thinking about what to pack! Are you all organised?


Well I'm trying to be organised... I have a box at the end of my bed that I'm slowly filling with stuff to pack (like loo paper!) but there are still some essential items missing! I filled in my visa application form at the weekend - fortunately the application centre in London isn't far from my office so I'll go over when I get a chance. I should probably also make a start on my guidebooks and try and cram as much of China's history into my brain as possible! Getting so excited now... What are you looking forward to most?


Hi Lisa & Carolyn

Just booked a few weeks ago, I think I got the last place.

Have travelled a lot with Exodus and have always found them to be great. Not travelling on the Group flight this time as
I live in the North of Ireland and it is much cheaper for me to fly from Dublin via Dubai. I arrive at about 2pm.

See I am in the male minority again, not unusual on these trips. looking forward to meeting you both.



Hi John. Well done on getting the last place! This will be my first trip of this kind, so I'm glad to hear you've had good experiences with Exodus in the past! I collected my visa today and have just bought a Mandarin phrasebook online. Not long to go now! Looking forward to meeting you.


We are David & Christine from Bristol. We booked back in November and are combining the trip with a visit to our son in Shanghai so we'll be arriving in Beijing on the train and should be at the hotel in time for the evening meal. Looking forward to meeting you all. Not long to go now! I've travelled with Exodus before and had a great time but didn't take Christine with me that time - too hilly!


Hi David. Looking forward to meeting you and Christine. Hope you enjoy your visit to see your son in Shanghai. Only four days until departure for the rest of us... The nerves/jitters are really kicking in now, but I'm so excited and I can't wait! See you all on Saturday!

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