Solo travel

 I'm excited about this trip but nervous about solo travel. Who is coming with me?


Hi iam just about to book the southern India explored for march solo.

Last year did the Jordon trip with Exodus solo & had a great time no need to be nervous.

I always travel solo & have a never once had a bad time theres always nice people you meet 

dont worry & have a great trip iam sure your be booking again with Exodus. All the best ozy :-)


You are quite right. I've been looking over my itinerary and am very excited about what lies ahead in terms of new experiences. Hopefully I'll make some new friends along the way as well.

Many thanks

Travelmonkey (Deborah)

I am booked to go on the trip before you on the 7th November.

There is never any problem with travelling on your own on an Exodus trip. There will be other people in the same boat as you. I think one of the main reasons people would travel with Exodus on a trip like this is because they want other people to share the experiences with and everyone I have met in the five adventure holidays I've been on has been friendly and approachable.


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