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Any one else on this trip ?

Hi, yes, me :) Its my first Exodus trip, but I've used Explore a few times before & done a bit of independent travelling. Really looking forward to the trip - I'm a teacher - bring on the summer holidays!

Hi Kate,

Exodus / Explore both much the same. I have used Exodus quite a bit, and a few times with Explore, plus other tour operators for some more odd ball destinations, also a few independent in Europe.

I shall be traveling from Bristol to Heathrow by coach on the Saturday, I have a trip to Belarus before this one, so its not the highest priority at the moment.

Dave P..




 I am coming on this trip, never done Exodus before, or in fact any thing like this on my own before. Little bit excited. Was wandering, I want to bring my camera, any ideas of how to keep it charged for the whole trip? Can you get solar chargers?


Hi Samara,

My own solution for camera batteries is to carry some spare ones, ( 6 in my case ), all from Ebay and not camera shops. So no charging is required. 

It is possible to come across 4 different types of electrical sockets during the trip, and  so a handfull of adaptors would be required if using a mains charger. If using this method a call to Exodus may be helpfull regarding the availability of mains power in camp sites, someone from the company would have been on the trip previously, and if available will have some info on this.

Solar chargers are available for many devices ( but not cheep ). Care would need to be taken to ensure the solar charger is suitable for the make/model of camera, this may be a problem, and is not an area that I have any knowledge of.

 Dave P..


Hi all,

 We are going on this trip on August 23, be really interested to hear any last minute tips on your return!

Many thanks,



Hello Samara

We did this trip this time last year and the guide (our guide was Crispin) had thought of everything.  There is an opportunity to recharge batteries while travelling on the overlander.   There is a lead which runs to the vehicle battery and is positioned on one of the shelves in the cabin.  Everyone took turns using it.   You should have a South African (15amp) adapter but if you don't then I think there may have been one provided - otherwise everyone shared what they had.  The other tip I would give is to take a strong large padlock for your locker as we were all rushing to buy them at our first shop stop.  One girl bought a fullsize pillow in a supermarket on the journey and I was envious of her comfort at night!!  If you think of doing this take a pillowcase! Dump the cheap pillow when you fly out again. Travel pillows are very small and take up room and the ground is hard (but the mattresses are very comfy)!! Finally you will need very few clothes  -  take a soft travel bag. You need to take it in and out of the vehicle all the time.  Two small ones better than one big one - one for camping gear and one for clothes.  You can repack so you have one that comes in and out daily and one which has your extra clothes etc.  Make sure you have a warm fleece and some very warm layers as it was almost 0oc in Zimbabwe on some of the nights. It is a fantastic trip - you have some wonderful experiences ahead of you.



Thanks for the Camera help I just ordered two more batteries from ebay, now wandering if I need more but I think it will be ok. The last thing I am worried about is money and how much to take? Any ideas on this?  I have also contacted Exodus on this. I can't believe its so close now, so excited. 



Hi Samara,

With charging facilities on the bus you should be Ok with the extra batteries.

As for money,  meals are provided so the necessary expenditure is bottled water and any other drinks. + Zimbabwe Visa and Tips US$ 105 (as per the trip notes) 

But take a hard look at the options in the trip notes, there are a heck of a lot of them for this trip, and try to establish which ones you may wish to do (if any). this is the area where there could be some serious expenditure. Of course you may also wish to indulge in some retail therapy for souvenirs.

Its best to take at least some US$ with you to avoid being without money at the start of the trip. Some times it is not possible to change money immediately on arrival and this may cause a problem if you wish to buy something early in the trip.

To sum up :  About US$ 150 as an absolute minimum. plus Drinks, Options and Souvenirs, you can estimate the options, but drinks and souvenirs, over to you on those..

Dave P..



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