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Spending money


I am booked on the Gokyo lakes and basecamp trek in Nepal and wondered if anyone could give me an idea of the amount of spending money I should take for this trip and how I should take it (dollers/local currency/cash/travellers cheques/etc.)

 The trip will be 22 days and I will need to buy food in the budget.

Any advice will be most appreciated.



Hi Becky.

We did the Annapurna Circuit in March this year and found that the local equivalent of around £12-15 per day is more than adequate for food in the lodges. You will need to spend a bit extra on water and Everest beer during the trek, so I would say that if you budget for around £20 per day you will be fine. Beware though, Kathmandu is great for trinkets and other gifts, so have some spare cash for these. You can change $US or £GBP in the hotel in Kathmandu easily, but you will get a better rate at banks and other outlets. We did Gokyo in 2007 and the view from the top is amazing (see my picture on the left) Enjoy-Nepal is a brilliant country.

Staff member

Hi Becky

I would recommend you bring £15 a day on trek for food and drinks, £50 in total for your food and drinks in Kathmandu plus £30 tip money. Don't forget souvenier and shopping money. Lots of handicrafts to buy in Kathmandu.I would also recommend bringing a bit of spare cash for emergencies (approx £50/£100 )There are a small amount of ATMs in Kathmandu should you require more money.Hope this helpsEmma Garrick ( Nepal product manager)

Becky 134

...What is the best way to take the money...should I take it all in travellers cheques or cash to get changed in to Rupee? And what is the best currency to take $ or £? And then...should I change all of this into Rupee or keep $ to spend?




Guess you've been to base camp now, im off in March, what currency was it best to take, I see from your replies you never quite got an answer.




Both pounds and dollars are readily exchangeable in Kathmandu. There is no where to get or change money on the trek - so make sure you have enough rupees for the whole trek.

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