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Spice Trails of Kerala - Jan 31st

Ok - 2nd try.  I had to cancel my first attempt at this trip due to a nasty case of the flu, but I've now recovered, and have re-booked for the trip at the end of January.

So - Is there anyone else on the trip?



Hi Andy I'm booked - got the visa, but haven't started packing yet! 


Martin M


Hi Andy & Martin. Sorry to say that you have a couple of oldies on your trip! Anne & I have just turned 60 and are about to retire/go part time. trust that you are up for a 2 week party!


What's all this about oldies?I passed my 60th recently and reduced my working hours (although not, I think, my workload) but I normally only admit to being about 39. Martin M

Hi Martin, Richard... I've been on a couple of Exodus trips - so I'm used to the usual mix.  Everyone usually seems pretty young at heart, and whatever their actual age - so it's worked out ok in the past.  

Richard - I'm interested in hearing about your Annapurna sanctuary trip.  I'm debating doing the Annapurna circuit in November this year, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to cope with 3 solid weeks of trekking.

I should also let you chaps know that I won't be on the group flight.  I'll be arriving much earlier in the morning (via Doha).  So don't wait for me at the airport (yes... it has happened before. I was waiting in the hotel, and the group was waiting for me at the airport.)  If you need to contact me for any reason - my cellphone is +33 six 7299 1593.


I wonder how many are on the trip... It's all go now. I've just finished my last meeting, and I'm now sitting in a Geneva bar, ready for the flight tomorrow.

India, here we come!


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