Sri Lanka

Hello people!

I'm sure there must be a couple more people going on this cycling trip......



Flying from London on 26th and hoping to meet in Columbo on 27th, subject to getting the flights and the visa sorted. Looking forward to it!

Visas! Knew there was something I needed to do......


Well we're going but then you know us two !!! Visa's are done - a very slick online process (select the Group entry function amd enter details for the 2 of you).4 weeks today we'll nearly be there !

yes, but what did you put for your Sri Lanka address?

Actually, this is stupid. Why am I messaging you when you live next door?


All got visas then. Have you been undertaking a rigorous training regime to get ready for the exertions? Less than four weeks now and I think I've left it too late.....several years too late

Rigorous training? What's that then?

Does walking from house to car count?



Of course we've been training - have even temporarily relocated to Wales to cycle real hills !! Us retirees don't want to be found wanting ! Mind you, Eve's injury is good news - it will slow her down to our pace !! Although at the moment she's contemplating being chief bus-walla and bag minder !!


Pleased to know that the back of the group will be crowded with puffers. Have you any idea about Malaria status of the area. I've not had chance to check. Have you done this sort of trip before?


According to our health centre, only the very northern tip of SL has any malaria risk. So based on that we're not planning any anti malaria tablets. We've done a couple of similar trips but with a different company. This will be our first Exodus experience but so far it looks a pretty similar set up. How about you ?

Is correct. However, previous experience tells us that most places south of Bognor have mosquitos the size of hummingbirds, which though they may not give you malaria will soon have your fingers looking like Malmesbury Kings ( sausages by order to some famous chef or other), or your face like a bad dose of the mumps. So we're resigned to reeking of Deet for two weeks. *sigh*


Previous experience also says that mozzies prefer to dine on the female of the species so I shall decline the side effects of the Larium this time round. Possible loss of balance and dizziness are not compatible with our intended mode of transport.

We've done a good few of these with Exodus, and apart from the Cuba trip which involved an extensive period of bike maintenance every morning happy to report that providing there is no marital strife in the members of the group things normally go very well.

I'm desserting this site now to work away so you can get me on [email protected]

 Looking forward to the trip

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