Sri Lanka depart 22/03/14 Anyone going?


My wife and I are booked on this trip. Anyone want a chat before we go?



Not much activity here.  I am on this trip, old American guy travelling alone.  My wife can't usually travel this time of year so I go alone and join a group.  My trip from Atlanta, GA, USA will be about 25 hours to Colombo so I am going two days early to rest at the Sanmali.

When I registered about a month ago there were 9 people already signed up, probably mostly Brits.

Have you applied for your ETA yet?



Hi Jim

We've been away a few times with Exodus and sometimes people reply to posts and sometimes don't. However we always seem to have a good group of people! It's true most on the trip are from the UK but on the last one we had 2 Canadian Ladies who also had a long journey like you. Yes I applied online for the visas and got them back straight away but I don't know if they will be as quick for an American.

I'm also getting on a bit but still working (just) but winding down. My wife Dawn also works part time. We live near Lincoln in the UK (about half way up on the right hand side). Now starting to look forward to it as it's now less than 8 weeks. Speak soon, Ray



Hi all
Great to see some posts from you. Myself and my partner Tash are also on this trip, as well as another couple, Craig and Zoe. We went on an Exodus trip to Kenya and Zanzibar in 2012 where we met Craig and Zoe. I'm 45 and Tash is 40. We are really excited, there seems to be so much to see. I see the reviews are excellent. I hope we all have a wonderful time, and we will look forward to meeting you all. Mandy


Hi Mandy
I'm glad someone else has replied so I can start to remember the names now! Dawn and I are both late 50's (if 59 is late!) This is our 5th exodus trip and we love them. I hope someone else is up for climbing Adams Peak? Will end this now as on my phone and it's a bit slow.


Hi Ray. We would really love to climb Adams Peak, I'm just not sure whether I'm fit enough, I've had a few problems with my back, but I refuse to let it stop me doing things we love!! But we are up for trying anything. Mandy


We did the Sri Lanka trip last March. I didn't do Adams Peak (I had a leisurely paddle down the river) but my husband did. He and most others who did it, had very, very sore knees from the hundreds of steps that there are. He was glad he did it but wouldn't do it again!!


Well, I sent my ETA application yesterday and have not received an e-mail, but I went on-line to check the status and it says my ETA is approved, so I guess I am good to go.

The Adam's peak climb sounds very interesting and challenging, too challenging for me.  Those of you that go will enjoy, I am sure.  The Pinnawela elephant orphanage sounds like one of the options that I would like to do.




I asked Gosia Knas if they could give us a little more info on our group.  This is what I got.  We now have 15 participants, max is 18.  Ages range from 27 to 68.  There are 4 males and 11 females.

See you soon.



Hi all,

I am also going on this trip!

Really looking forward to it. I am travelling on my own, as I frequently do, and looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Not convinced I am up to climbing Adams Peak, but may change my mind when I get there........or not!! 

See you all soon


I'm Craig,Mandy mentioned us travelling with my partner Zoe. We have been to Africa a few times and are really looking forward to this not sure about Adams peak, don't know if my knees will hold up. Looking forward to meeting you all, see you soon.


Hi Carolyn and you too Craig. It seems half of us have now got on here. I hope no one has suffered in the floods. I read a few weeks ago Jim was 'snowed in' in Atlanta! I hope he has dug himself out.  Carolyn, I don't know if you have been on this type of trip with Exodus but there always seems to be a few singles and it wouldn't surprise me that there quite a few on this. Now starting to think about this trip as only about 4 weeks to go!  Must sort out may camera gear! My wife has just asked about malaria tablets, anyone taking them?

See you soon, Ray 



Hi Ray and Hi Carolyn, look forward to meeting you. Ray, me and Tash have spoken to our travel nurse and Sri Lanka is a very low risk malaria area, we've also researched it on the net and it says the same, so we are not going to take anti-malaria tablets, but plenty of insect repellant, of at least 50% deet!! Yes, not long now, getting excited! My email address is: [email protected] if anybody wants to email me, I will give out my mobile number, we could then maybe meet up while waiting at Heathrow.
See you soon
Mandy x

Since they've changed the website some of the posts are missing! Anyway see you all soon.

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