Hello everyone,Our trip is full, and I'm getting excited! I have travelled solo to Northern India with Exodus before and it was a fantastic trip. Love that part of the world, so doing it again!Would love to hear from others before we take off.I'm not sure what to do about Malaria tablets - anyone have any advice? I would really rather not take them if I don't need to!



You are going at a fab time!

 If you are staying any extra time, there's lots of potential to see places previously untouched/ inaccessible due to the civil war (ie Trinco and Batticloa). The ancient cites are beautiful as is the south west coast area (though I have not seen it post tsunami) like Weligama, Hambantota, and into the Yala park. I'm heard that the coast has been beautifully re-built. Personal faves were Dambulla, Anaradhapura, Pollonarawa, Unawatuna Bay, the train to the hill country near World's End. 

 Travelled there about 15 yrs ago... took the pills the entire time (couple of months). My parents are there now.. not taking pills but they are not leaving the Colombo area either.  Parents say its SO hot.

 Have a great trip!


Hi Chloe: my daughter Amy (age 17 and almost 18) and I are on this trip. We've been to Turkey (on the Turquoise Coast) in August with Exodus which was great but with adventure Company to Malta, Spain, USA, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and Explore to Thailand and Italy. My daughter is off to Uni in Oct (grades permitting!) so we're travelling before then. My wife is not a great flier so she wont be with us.Really looking forward to Sri Lanka: we've met several people who have been and they had nothing but positive things to say. The first nights hotel though gets very indifferent reviews but we're only there for one or two nights. The advice from our doctor is that you don't need malaria tablets unless you're travelling in the north or staying in poor accommodation.Still taking bug spray though! Who did you go with to India? Would you recommend the trip? How hot were the curries ?


Hi all, my wife Claire and I are booked on this trip.  I turn 40 in March and we are taking some time out (without the kids!) to celebrate the onset of my mid-life crisis!



Hello! Thanks for replying to my message. It is really nice to hear from you before our trip. Really not long now! Thanks for the tips Eeos too. I don't thik there is much chance of us being able to go off and explore by ourselves, but we will see.

I went to India with Exodus, with a friend. The curries were far too hot for me! Hope they have a bit less spice in Sri Lanka! Having curry every day got a bit tough too - but they are yum!

 Look forward to meeting you all soon. Are you all on the group flight from London?




We will be on the flight out from Heathrow on the Saturday morning. 

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