Sri Lankan Highlights

Hi there

anyone going on this trip and wants to get acquainted. hope to chat soon



Hi Elaine,

I'm going on this trip too!! Soo looking fwd to it now, should be fun:)


Hi Charlotte,

Me too, can't wait. Just getting my visa sorted at the moment. Are you doing the tour alone or with friends? I'll be travelling alone as i'm staying with a friend in Colombo for 2 weeks before the tour but then doing the tour alone. I've never done a tour alone but i'm looking forward to it. Have you travelled with Exodus before? Friends of mine have used them before and said they were excellent that's why i chose them.

 See you soon





that is almost exactly the same as me!! I am staying with my sister and her family for a few days before the tour South of Colombo and doing the tour on my own.  My flat mate recommended Exodus to me as she has done a few tours with them and says they are really good but it is the first time I have ever done a tour like this before.  Previously I always travelled with someone and then sorted out our own route!  So u are probably sorting out your own flights as well... what day will u arrive at the hotel?

 Tried to get my jabs done today but the nurse didnt show so have to go back next week :)



Hello am going on trip to Sri Lanka too.  Look forward to seeing you all


Hi Charlotte,

I arrive in Colombo on the 9 august, early morning and then leave on the 30 august. I plan to arrive at the hotel on the saturday in the evening since that's when the trip notes say we can check in, but i dont think we've been given the name of the hotel yet right, or have we, i need to check my papers again. what about you, when do you plan to arrive at the hotel?

 Which jabs did you get done? I was advised to do Hep A& B since i've never had either of them and typhoid. Are you going to take malaria pills? The dr at work advised me to but the trip notes say there is no need and my friend who lives there said there is no need either so i'm not going to. Don't fancy lots of side effects etc for nothing. I've been told to stock up on the insect repellent though.

 Looking forward to meeting you too Ivinia. Are you travelling alone or with friends?



Hi Elaine

 Am quite new to exodus.  Am travelling with Karim she is a friend from school/work have known each other for a years but this is our first trip away together!!  Shes travelled with exodus and says they are great.

 I have a work friend who returned to Sri Lanka in may so am hoping so see her whilst there.  

I saw someone menitoned they were getting a visa.  I checked on the FCO site and said it would be issued on arrival.  Does anyone know if that is so?

 Look forward to hearing from you



Hi Elaine and Ivina,

I  only had a Typhoid jab in the end as already got Hep A but decided I will do the long course for Hep B too as will come in handy in the future :)

Ive booked my taxis to and from the airport not so feeling pretty organised!  

Looking fwd to meeting you both



 About visa's well, i'm Maltese and living in Brussels, so i need a visa to be issued before but i think if you're from the UK you are issued one on arrival, if you're not sure, call the sri lankan embassy in the uk they will be able to help you for sure.

 i leave 2 weeks today and i'm so excited.

 Looking forward to meeting you, see you soon




 Thanks for the information.  Yes I got information back.  I will be issued with a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka.

I am really looking forward to this trip except the bike ride!  I don't ride!! Should be interesting :)

see you soon 

:-) Ivinia



Thanks for info.  Apparently I will be issued one on arrival in Sri Lanka.  Am going to find out tomorrow what sort of vacinations I will need. Have been getting contraditory information.  

Am really looking forward to this trip except for the bike ride!!!  I don't ride! Should be interesting :-)


I'm excited now, i leave for Sri Lanka on Sunday :-)

 See you both on the 21/22



Am thinking of booking this last minute! Only thing slightly putting me off is what the weather might be like as this trip comes between the two monsoon seasons. Don't mind a bit of rain now and then (helps to cool of aching limbs) but don't fancy being a drowned rat for two weeks. Please can someone reasure me that it's not that bad!



Hi David

 Got an email from my friend that lives there, she says there is no rain at this time of year as it is harvesting season.

 Hope that helps you decide if you come.



Hi, just booked tour and will be arriving on 21st, so may see you on the Saturday at the hotel.


Thanks Ivinia, that does help to reassure me :-)

Stupidly, I've just realised I posted in the wrong thread! I'm thinking of doing the cycling tour (MIR) of Sri Lanka. They both start at the same time, perhaps both groups start off at the same hotel?



Hi All I'm also booked on this trip and really looking forward to it. I'm travelling alone and will be on the group flight. Look forward to meeting you all! Tracy

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