Sri Lankan Visa concerns...

Hi, just wondered if anyone had sorted out their Visa for Sri Lanka yet?

I've never been anywhere where I had to get one in advance before. (other than Oz, but that doesn't count cos it's free!) The website seemed a bit contradictory when I was having a look, which has made me a little worried.

I'm hoping someone can reassure me that it's actually really quick and straight forward! Hopefully including a instant decision on the visa - I know some people who have had to wait months for one from other countries... which concerns me even more.

Thanks in advance for any info

LIke you , the only one we've done on line was for Oz. we are going on 4th Feb. and have not tried to apply yet as my passport needed to be renwed, now I find the web page is unavailable.
Have you had any luck with yours?


Tried to apply online but had problems as it wouldn't accept my postcode and I couldn't progress past the first page. Thought I'd try again later. Going out on 18th Feb so have a bit of time. Any advice? Judy

Like you all, I tried and had problems with website.  Was advised by Exodus to try again mid December.  Maybe the website developer has sorted out the glitches by then.


We tried yesterday, don't put any spaces in your postcode. But as soon as I put my passport number in it said something about a duplicate application so I aborted! Thought maybe exodus had done something, still waiting for a reply from them. Has anyone succeded? Is it free if we apply in December?


I am going on the trip departing the 18th Feb but noticed this posting regarding the Electronic Transfer Authorization form so thought I would let you know my experience.

I applied on line and got approval within 24 hours. Like Sunseeker - it said about duplicate application as soon as I put my passport details in - but I just ignored it and went through the process. There are weird anomalies like for place of birth and issue of passport , the drop down menu only has British Citizen listed not UK/Englad/Great Britain/Wales or Scotland so I just used that and it seemed to work.

I got an email staright away to let me know my application had been received and then 24 hours later an approval email.

I gather that on arrival to Srilanka armed with your ETA form, you still need to get a visa with proof of return travel and sufficent funds.

ETA holder will be able to enter Sri lanka within 3 months from the date of issue on the ETA. The address in Sri lanka that you will need to put is :-  NKAR Travels & Tours (Pvt) Ltd, 45, Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha , Colombo 07. Sri Lanka Tel:   (+94 11) 2564584

I hope that it helps someone.


Dear Latha, thank you for your encouragement.  I tried for a 4th time today and the website seems to have improved.  My partner Alan and I both applied this morning and got our visas for $20 each.  Well, we have a printed receipt.  Let's hope the visas arrive soon.  We are leaving for the 11th Feb trip.  Really looking forward to it.  Les


Dear Les,I too have still not been able to get my ETA approval. I tried again about 4 days ago and although the payment appeaared to have gone through the money hasn't left my account and I haven't had an approval email. I'm going to try ringing them today as emailing didn't seem to come to anything either. Have you had any luck? I'm due to go out on the 18th Feb so have a bit of time. Judy


I finally managed to apply for my visa on thursday and received an approved visa email approx 6 hours later. It was automatically put into my junk folder though, so I reccommend checking there if you haven't seen yours yet.

And Les, I'm also leaving on the 11th Feb, so hopefully will see you there!!!

Thanks Julie - I was beginning to panic so checked my junk emails and there it was. Hi to  Les too for the 12th. We're actually catching a flight on 10th of Feb c 9.30pm.


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