Starting Countdown, Engines On!

Michèle & me are going (Heathrow permitting). Are you?!!


Hi, we're going! Myself and husband are on this trip - can't believe how close it's getting - 4 weeks today will be my last day at work! Looking forward to exploring Morocco, never been before, and can't wait! Done a few exodus trips before though.

Looking forward to meeting you both!


Hi, it's my first trip with Exodus and I'm really looking forward to it.  Travelling on my own so it's nice to know a few names.

Morocco here we come!




Hey all

I'm also coming on this one, travelling on my own.  Really not long to go now!

I'm flying to Casablanca on the Friday to make the most of the long weekend. If anybody else is arriving early and would like to meet up for some pre-trip exploring let me know.

Look forward to meeting you all in Morocco,



Hi to you all,

Looking forward to meeting you all in Casablanca in a few days. We are Rob aged 60 (a Kiwi) and Jane aged 57 (a Brit). But we live in Italy and have done so for 22 years now. We are flying in on Sunday from Bologna and should get to the hotel late afternoon early evening. Our first time with Exodus but we have had some great holidays in the past with the opposition!

Hey we're all going to have a great time. The camels are waiting for us!

 Rob and Jane


Hi Nick (and anyone else who will be arriving before the group flight),

We arrive at the airport at about 16.10 in the afternoon so are guessing that we'll be at the hotel between about 18.00 and 19.00. We see that the group flight gets in quite a bit later. Interested in meeting up an going out to eat together on the Sunday evening? We are.

We'll be watching this space for a reply.


Rob and Jane


Hi Rob & Jane

Dinner tomorrow sounds great, I'll leave a note for you at reception with my room number and mobile number.

If I don't hear from you before, I'll meet you in the hotel reception/lobby at 7pm.

Look forward to meeting you tomorrow!



Hi Nick,

Do hope that you get to see this. Royal Air Maroc (in their wisdom!) have changed our flight at the last minute and now we won't be arriving at Casablanca airport until 8.10 pm. So by the time that we get to the hotel I imagine that it will be far too late for a dinner date.

We are very sorry about this and hope that it doesn't inconvenience you too much.

Looking forward to meeting you either late Sunday night or on Monday morning.

Ronb and Jane





Hi Rob & Jane

Message received! No worries! :-)

Safe travels & see you soon,


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