Starting to get excited (again!)

It's only 4 weeks to go.

I'm starting to move from the "am I going to be fit enough?" question (getting a bit late to seriously influence that) to "I wonder who else is going?".

My partner Jon and I booked this after the euphoria of a trip to the Annapurna Sanctuary at Christmas - we're hoping it's going to be equally good.



Yes me too, this is a second trip to Ladakh in 2 years. I did the Frozen Zanskar trek back in Feb 2008, with the same leade Val Parkinson. She is a great trek leader, very knowledgable and great company. She is also very fit and nearly summited on Everest last year. She got held up on the Hilary step and lost a few toes to frostbite. It doesn't seem to have slowed her down though! Ladakh is an amazing place, Tibetan Budhisim with out the corrupting influence of the Chinese! 


John Cross


Hi its Valerie here, your leader for the TGI trek in august. I am going up to Leh next week and will be back in Delhi to meet you mid august. Any questions re kit or anything let me know. Valerie


Hello, not reached excitment pitch yet but building piles of things and checking vaccinations etc.

Valerie, I met you at Kathmandu after the "Charlie" incident. Hope you've forgotten that!

Question about bags. I've got a Berghaus mule which has a solid base with wheels but squashy holdall for the rest beucase I find Exodus bags impossible to carry. Is this type of bag OK  for a porter to carry or shall I prepare to transfer everything into an Exodus bag and leave my wheelie holdall in Delhi?

Looking forward to being amongst mountains. My view of lake District mountains across Morecambe Bay has been obscured by rain for the last 2 weeks since they announced a drought.


I've attached a shoulder strap to my kit bag (stolen from another bag) makes it far more manageable.


Nope, done shoulder strap. Doesn't work when you're walking to a station, to the tube, through the tube, through heathrow. Not unless you normally walk at a strange 90 degree angle to your legs and your worried about shearing your arm off at the shoulder. And i don't pack my kitchen sink either! I've carried two exodus bags one and had to do it as a relay.



Ah the old "am I going to be fit enough?" question. Well, I have never trekked at this altitude before and will almost certainly be struggling so you can have that as some comfort. I don't really want to try and recommend too much as most other people going on this tour are probably more experienced hikers than myself but my mate who did Kilimanjaro says the small details make all the difference. Compeeds look as if they could be a potential god send.


From the reports, it looks devastating. Maybe by the 15th Leh airport will be open to flights other than emergency. It's difficult to know what is best for the people; to stay out of the way and reach Ladakh from a different point (or maybe do the whole trip in reverse) or to go if the airport is open and spend money in Leh to support the local economy. Maybe there are some essential things we could take - water purification treatment, disinfection gels? I don't know. I've heard nothing from Exodus. Hope Valerie is safe.



This is the text of an email I received from Exodus on Friday afternoon:

"We have been talking to our local operator in India all day about this as we currently have 2 groups in Leh and another 4 trekking with another 2 to follow tomorrow.

Presently we plan to run all trips as normal, with changes in trekking routes if necessary ( but at the moment we do not think this is necessary). The airport in Leh is closed at the moment but there are rumours it will open in a day or so.

So with regards to your group it should run as normal. Obviously we are monitoring the situation very closely and if something changed with regards to your trip we would let you know"

 I think it will be Friday before we know what will happen re: our trip.  I think they have to notify us of any "significant" changes to the trip before we leave.  There are many options, for instance, going in via Manali and returning by air from Leh.  The problem is that the highest pass would be first with little chance to acclimatise.  We have top wait and see...



Thanks for that info. I guess the reality is that it's been very unusual weather this year during the monsoon which has led to the massive flooding in Pakistan across the border. And places like Leh are continuing to develop their potential as tourist destinations as a major part of their income. Tourists continuing to visit, I guess, could be some reassurance for the people that they won't be crossed off the list for destinations. Exodus is an "adventurous" tour operator which is why we booked this tour and are skilled at operating safely in remote areas. I have every confidence in their decision making having travelled with them 4 times previously.


Exodus have now put an important notice on their "News and Reviews" page that concerns our trip.  Briefly, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against all travel to Ladakh.  Unless this notice is withdrawn and conditions on the ground improve, our trip and two others leaving this weekend will be cancelled.  Do go and read this notice for more information.

Hello All. We are calling everyone on this trip now to propose that we make our final decision on Wednesday - givng the FCO a chance to update their advice, and our team on the ground to assess the roads and trekking routes. We hope to have spoken to you all by the end of today (or at least left a message with a number to call us back on). Please feel free to ring me on 020 8772 3924.


Mike James - Operations Director

Hi Guys. Thanks for your patience. FCO advice lifted and all systems go for 21 Aug to 12 Sept! Cheers


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