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Stok Kangri 9th July

Hi -Booked on this trip which is now guaranteed and would be pleased to hear from anyone else mad enough to do the same.


departure date 10th...9th...please don't confuse me, i've a busy year ahead!

i'm daniel, and i'm also booked on this trip.

Hi Daniel-have you treked much prior to this and what made you choose this particular trip.Drawing on past experience i think it will difficult to keep within the weight restrictions for our baggage especially if taking two pairs of boots.


how are we doing?

i haven't done a huge amount of trekking, but i have done some.

i did kilimanjaro five years ago, and i've done toubkal (winter and summer).

the reason for me doing the trip is simple, it's above 6000m!

as far as the weight limit goes, i haven't even thought about it, but i'm sure it's nothing to worry about. i'll be going as light as i can.

so how about you, and your previous experience?

I also treked Kili on Feb 2005 and since then i have been on a few trips around 5000m.Like yourself i chose this one because it is over 6000m although i am under no illusions about how difficult it will be.The itinerary appears to be tried and tested and hopefully will allow everyone to acclimatise ok.I have climbed many munros under proper"winter" conditions but i do not have experience in wearing crampons and this is something i will need to address over the next couple of months.


i think you'll be just fine with crampons. i've only worn them once, and i think i did so without falling over. i generally have a habit of hitting the deck at some point.

like you, i appreciate that it will be a tough trek, but i'm so excited about going above 5,895m, that i don't have time to worry.



Hi I'm also booked and am certifiably insane. Like others have done Kilimanjaro & Toubkal (winter) confidently expecting to suffer more than either on this trip

Hi again-I was on a winter skills course at the weekend in the eastern cairngorms -i learnt a lot and suffered sore legs feet and shoulders the next morning.Good to hear from you David no doubt we will hear from more of the group nearer the departure date.


hi guys my name is sunil, just letting you know that i am also joining you on the trip to stok kangri. i have some trekking experience which was mount snowden in wales which is just above 1000 metres, but thats nothing compared to this. i think i am practically insane for doing this but i know for a fact that this will be a life changing experience. cant wait!



Hi Sunil, I think you'll find we're probably all insane - it should be really exciting
'smearl' (not sure of first name?) with regard to the 12kg weight limit & boots I found this in the trip notes:
You will be restricted to 12 kgs of luggage whilst on trek. This does not include the climbing gear. Ice axe, crampons and any boots you have brought just for the climb will be collected in Leh and will be brought to meet us in Mankarmo on day 11 by our climbing guide.
Hope this helps David 


Alexander - silly me - just clicked on your profile - what do you like to be called?

Hi David-just to confuse the issue most people call me Sandy an abbreviation of Alexander.Thanks for the luggage info.Welcome Sunil-yes i am sure it will be a memorable experience-it is beginning to feel real now as the departure date draws nearer.AT the moment the group consists of eight people so with six weeks to go it looks unlikely the max number of sixteen will be reached.


thanks guys

 just one other thought. havent looked through the info pack properly. Can someone please tell me what equipment i will need to purchase for this trip. I understand that certain things will be provided for us like for example camping gear (i think). but is there anything else specific i will need like for example ice axe or crampons (which im guessing is an obvious necessity) but anything else? and what kind of crampons and ice axe will i need. sorry guys im a newbie so im gona need a little bit of help here if you guys dont mind.

Ice axe and crampons can be hired in Leh although the quality may not be the best.Prepare for the extremes of temperature we will encounter-sun hat and plenty of sun block during the day and thermals and good sleeping bag at night.A down jacket is also handy for the coldest part of the treking day-late afternoon onwards when you tend to sit around camp.You can also wear it when sleeping. The Exodus equipment list is fairly comprehensive so if you use it as a guide you should be ok.I find treking poles to be essential.Hope this helps.


you guys are absolute legends. Cheers for the tips guys.


sorry one more thing considering the prices of these things. does anybody know any shop in london or near london where you can hire all this trekking equipment.

Hi guys,not long to go now,-how are the preparations going? Ineed to do a dummy pack over the weekend to find out if i have to dispense with any kit to stay within the weight limits.I will be flying from Aberdeen to Heathrow on the Friday afternoon so if anyone wishes to meet up prior to the Jet airways group flight please let me know.


Hi Sandy - yes I'm getting the usual mixture of excitement & apprehension but really looking forward to it - I'm also planning a trial pack this weekend but I don't anticipate any probs with weight. Volume may be slightly different as I'm meeting my wife in Delhi at the end of the trek for a rather damp trip round the golden triangle as it's the monsoon there - she's having a girlie holiday doing very little in Dubai while we're walking (know where I'd rather be) so I need to pack for two holidays up to a point. That plus loads of air miles also means I'm not flying with Jet so I'll  catch up with you all on the Saturday at the hotel - my flight is a little later I think. 


Hi Guys, how did anyone's practice pack go? The 20kg limit on the flight to Leh appears to be the most challenging - might need to wear a bit of kit. Looks like we've still got 8 people booked. David

My dummy pack showed me to be within the 20kg by 1/2 kg so i need to ditch something to give me a comfortable margin of error.I am considering leaving my ice axe behind and hiring one in Leh or ditching my Thermarest style mat. On two previous camping treks  ( although not with Exodus ) sleeping mats were on the kit list only to find that foam mattrasses were provided.

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