Stomach upsets

This message is for any body who has been to Everest Base Camp. I absolutely love curries and dahls. Will I get an upset stomach eating the local food?, Im trying to avoid typical western food.


Mel J 


Hi Mel, I did this trip a couple of years ago and I don't recall having any problem with eating the local food, be warned though, the food is basicand gets more basic the higher you go. Dahls were a mainstay but do not expect to get your hands a meat curry as such - in fact I recall having pilchards with noodles one day and thinking I was dining five star.


Hi Mel.  I'm just back from this trip and it was AWESOME!  The food was fine - I'm coeliac and still coped.  Agree, it's pretty basic but you'll always find a dahl bat on the menu and normally some kind of curry too, even if just veggie.  We had a couple in our group who got slightly poisoned but if you're keen to avoid an upset stomach, avoid any meat.  I went veggie for two weeks and got on the chicken curries back in Kathmandu when it didn't matter so much.

Other popular dishes (as you're literally trying to shove as many carbs in you as poss - I still lost 10lbs!) are egg and chips, veg/egg fried rice (loved it!), veg fried potatoes.  Be warned, most stuff is fried unless you go for dahl bat every night.

 Enjoy!  Wish I was going again!

Mel J

Hi again, very helpful from you all. Bels, how much money did you spend on the trip? Is it possible to pick up hand made hats and scarves cheaply?. If there was one thing you would advise me on so I make it to Base camp and Kala Patar, what would it be?




To get to base camp all you need to do is keep to a nice steady pace, you will get fitter day after day and everyone on my trip made it to base camp without to much drama. Namche bizarre is supposedly good for shopping but I found it to be full of rip off gear, best place for pashmina scarves was back in katmandhu, there is a big market there and you will probably be directed to one shop in particular that has fixed prices - good if you don't want to haggle. I do recommend that you visit other shops/stalls though and haggle just for the fun of it, it is part of the trip and it is expected. 

Hi everyone,

I'm doing the same trip in April. We have two days in Kathmandu and I'm really keen in seeing some nice places. After a search on the web, I found hundreds of them. With the time available what would you recommend?




Glad to hear everybody made it on you trip.


I hope we all do too.


I am going on the 11th April and we spend two night at BC, Yippee!!




 Sue, you'll have a ball and if you need your head 'putting back on' this is certainly the trip to do it on, breath taking it is and you will have forgotten all about mobiles telephones, laptops etc after a couple of days.


Guoldboy and all,

That's what I like to hear taking it all in and forgetting about everything else that happens in life, being on top of the world, well nearly!!!!!

Are there any more people that are going on the 11th of Apil 2011, if so it would be good to hear from you.

Take care and keep fit....



Been to Kathmandu 4 times either end of two treks to Annapurna and Everest Trails. It's a crowded and polluted city but has great charm and I love the place. Within a group holiday time will be limited so just do the normal tourist things and get a good overview. Taxis are cheap so agree a price, jump in and try the following:

Pashupatinath/ Hindu temple and cremation site. Strange thing for a tourist to do but utterly fascinating. You might want to pay an unofficial "guide" a few rupees just to keep all the others away!

Bodenath/ buddhist temple in a haven of peace and tranquility among the busy streets.

Swayambunath/ Monkey temple. Interesting temple at the top of a huge, steep flight of steps. Not much to do there apart from view the temple, look across Kathmandu and admire the monkeys.

Patan Durbar Square - old part of city, less crowded than Thamel and well worth going to wander through the pagodas, buy local products or eat in the many cheap restuarants (the one in the Museum courtyard is quite nice.) Just sit here and watch life in the city pass by.

Durbar Square in Thamel - again, old pagodas and temples within walking distance of your hotel. Great to get immersed in the local culture but a bit busier than Patan.

There's a great little vegetarian restaurant at the rear of Pilgrim's Bookshop in Thamel (everyone will know where it is)... lovely garden surroundings and great food...and the bookshop could take hours to look round :-)


Not sure if this is the same trip as ours but we depart from heathrow on friday 8th evening time. If it is the same trip we are 34yrs and 27 yrs of age and are really looking forard to this adventure. I have done kilimanjaro before but my wife hasnt done anything like this so shes a bit nervous. Is there any injections that you need to go out there?

John and Lucy


Fantastic...thank you very much for your input on the vaccinations...

 Are you guys flying out from heathrow at 20:45 by any chance?

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