Hi - Will anyone be joining Rick, Jill, Richard and Sally on this trip?

Yes, me.  I'll be there too.

I thought I'd take advantage of all of those Bank Holidays.






Dave and Kate checking in :-)


Looking forward to the trip


Does anyone else agree that the change in the flight departure on 23rd April by 5.5 hours is going to affect our holiday adversely?  We will not land until 4:30 which effectively means we pay for a night in a hotel we won't use and we will be too tired to enjoy the tour on the first day.

I am not happy and have asked Exodus to stand by their pledge in their Customer Charter to "Deliver the holiday we said we would; we will meet or exceed your expectations.". Exodus say it was a "schedule change enforced by the airline" and they cannot offer compensation but they are sorry for the inconvenience.

Anyone else unhappy?


I think you're probably right and we should get some money back at least - 1 night out of only 7 matters.  However, after the news today re demonstrations the whole trip might not happen or our dates might be quite radically changed.  I think it would be good if we could all post outcomes of our various dialogues with Exodus over the next couple of weeks so that we get the best out of all of this for all ... ?


I'm confused.  I thought the flight change was imposed on Exodus by the airline and/or authorities?


I've been in touch with Exodus today re an earlier flight and been given the following response re additional charges which has really annoyed me - for those still on the group visa note that if 1 more person goes for an earlier flight the group visa for the remaining travellers is lost.  See my email back to them tonight, copied below:

From Exodus:  Your flights have been issued already, which means there will be a £50 change fee by the airline if you would like to change your flight; an additional £81 flight charge; hotel for 1 night is £80; Visa which you need to get beforehand is £32; a private transfer is £70 (for 1-2 people)

My response:  I'm now extremely annoyed with both the airline and Exodus.  I see no reason why the airline should charge me any additional fees given that they cancelled the original flight in the first place, basically wiping out the first day of my trip.  I feel strongly that Exodus should be kicking back at British Midland about this, I really do.  Also, why has Exodus not been information sharing with the remaining passengers on the group visa and original flights as other passengers changed their flight bookings at no extra charge?  From our earlier conversation my understanding is that if I - or any of the remaining 8 passengers on the group visa - change our flight then the remaining 7 travellers lose their 'free' group visa.  Has this information been shared round?  I suspect not.Can you please escalate this up your management line please and address the extra charges with British Midland as a matter or urgency.  I have been in hospital having my hand operated on and just do not need to be exhausted by a 24-hour first day in Syria.  Please call and/or email me tomorrow morning with the outcome of the discussions with British Midland.

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