TAB Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Only six weeks to go. Anyone fancy getting in touch prior to the trip? John.


Hi John

Plan to go on the trip - looking forward

Are you travelling from Heathrow ? 




me too!


Hi to you both. Sorry not to acknowledge your postings earlier; I had convinced myself that I had set up the alert system to tell me when there was a post. I have now!

Yes I am travelling from Heathrow - well on the outward journey I am. After the trip I am going on to Vancouver for 10 days to see my son who is at university there.

One question I am stuggling to answer is what the weather will be - specifically what the temperatures will be both during the day and at night. If you have any thoughts on this or have found any useful websites/information let me know. 

The other question I am going to ask Exodus is the make up of the group. I am travelling on my own - are you?   John.




Not sure on the weather, but we are preparing ourselves for cold nights ( merino wool thermals and 4 season sleeping bags) and hopefully dry and crisp days

There are three on the trip ( Gill felt sorry for me as no one replied ), our other friend is Phil 

Let us know if you fancy joining us for a pint in Heathrow 








Hi. Yes my enquiries suggest that it is going to be cold at night - possibly at or just below freezing so I have decided to hire myself a down sleeping bag. If too hot can always unzip it. Hopefully dry during the day but the rainfall figures for Setmeber shows it does rain. Hopefully when it rains it all comes down at once and then is "dry and crisp". Happy to try and meet up at Heathrow - Terminal 3 is a fairly soul distroying place but it does have a couple of bars/cafes.

Pass on my regards to Gill and Phil. Does the yorkshire of Gills login suggest a surname or the place? I live in Farnham if you are passing through.

Anyone else going on the trip or are we only 4? John. 


Yes, seen the possibility of rain, so plan to pack my waterproofs  - cant wait until to the trip.

& yes we come from God's Own County - Yorkshire - so if you are passing Huddersfield you are more than welcome.

Re: Meeting up we can sort nearer the time, not aware of anyone else on the trip but I think the trip  is full. Do you know the best place to meet I am not familiar with the delights of Heathrow ?








It would be good to say Hi at heathrow. If one checks in as early as they suggest there will be some hanging around so meeting for a coffee sounds good. I do not know the airport well enough to suggest a spot to meet but I am taking my mobile (07970 861 442) so perhaps a ring on the day might be easiest. Terminal 3 is surprisingly small. (I am assuming it is terminal 3).

Are you seasoned Exodus travellers? My one and only experience of Exodus was 2 years ago when I did Kilimanjaro with them. They seem orgainsed and certailnly have an astonishing range of trips these days. 2 weeks 2 days to go. John.


We think its terminal 3 will give you a ring when we are there 

Gill has done a South Africa trip with Exodus but I have never been on a Exodus trip before. We also climbed Kili 2 years ago and we hope it will be as enjopyable as that, but not as hard !!

See you soon  





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