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As the group will be camping for most of our trip, and some of the camp grounds are very basic, will we be able to charge our phones and cameras?  Also, I know that we have to cook etc; but do we stop along the way to shop, or is the food and water already supplied for the trip?




Phyl Ryan 

Hi Phyl Ryan,

I am sure we all received an email from Brendan (Exodus) regarding last minute questions to ask someone that had been on this trip recently.... check your email.

If you have an answer to your questions re food and water, do let me know!!!

Re camera, I've bought myself a battery operated camera!! Takes 2 AA batteries. I think its a good investment - price varies with the cheapest £40+.

I look forward to meeting up with everyone in San Fran.



Hi Charlie,

I got an answer for that query. There are some at some of the sites, but we may have to pay at some. I do have an old camera but no film, though I could buy a disposable. The food is bought on the way by our crew. If there is anything you specifically want you just ask. I have spoken to Brendan, about what time we get to Vegas, as I would like to see the "Cirque" at MGM. We should arrive by about 4pm, but it could be later, so I won't book. I'm really looking forward to our trip, and meeting you both.


Hi Phyl,

I'm interested in seeing KA in MGM too. I've checked out their website and noted there are 2 shows on Friday when we r in Vegas - 7pm and 9.30pm. Price varies from 'cheap' $100+ to 'not so cheap' $180+. 

Personally I think the latter show is doable. Only thing is how to buy the ticket - take a chance and buy on that day? I think that's best since there's no guarantee on arrival time to Vegas.

 So if you would like company let me know! Maybe others would like to see it too. Will ask when we all meet up.

R u arriving on Saturday with the rest of the group? If you are arriving earlier and is in San Francisco on 25th, would you like to join me to the Muir Woods National Park? 



Hi Charlie,

 You're probably right about the time, although I'd prefer to see the earlier show. I looked on-line too but feel it maybe a bit risky to book beforehand as you say.

I'm arriving on Saturday, so I will see you either Saturday evening or early on Sunday. Sorry I can't join you until then.

See you soon,



I am on this trip in July and was wondering the same thing. Given that you have been on this trip, are there any opportunities at the camp sites we will be staying at to charge up our batteries? If you can let me know. Thanks. Dan


Hi Dan,

The only charging points in most of the campsites, are in the shower/toilet blocks, but on one site there are electric hook-ups, so you can charge there. I did charge my phone and camera in the loos on some of the quieter sites, but obviously it's at your own risk. Our tour leaders aloud people to charge their batteries (as long as they had USB connections) in the mini van while travelling too.

 I hope you enjoy your trip. We had a fantastic time!!

Phyl Ryan

Thank you for the advice. I will buy a couple of extra batteries for my camera and am looking forward to it.


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