Talk to me about Namibia

I'm seriously think about the discover Namibia trip next year.  Be really keen to hear of anyones experiences on this or other trips.


Hi, I did the trip to Namibia (AZN) last year. Amazing country, very worth seeing. The camping experience in Etosha park is simply unforgetable! Let me know if you have any specific questions, I can answer them for you.



I did this trip last year and it was great. You get to see very different aspects of namibia and I loved the safari so much I am going again this year (although to the serengetti).

 Going to try to post some pics soon.

Sounds cool - looking forward to see what next years dates will be!

 You'll love the serengeti - I did AYK last year and loved it!

Hi pgrover,

I spent a few weeks in Namibia on a Cape to Vic Falls trip in 2008.  I loved the country it was fantastic.  We climbed up Dune 45 at sunrise to see the sun come over the dunes which was a once in a lifetime experience.  Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei were a must see and the wildlife in Etosha was unbelievable.  If you like photography you'll be in heaven too, it's a massively photo-genic country.

Just talking about it on here makes me want to go back lol



Is it necessary to take tablets for maleria in October for trips to Namibia?

All the web sites seem to suggest they are only required in the northern third of the country from November to June

What have other people done in the past or are planning to do now?

Well I've booked for june departure - looking forward to it - although the flight out and back looks like it could be an endurance test in it's own right!!


i'm hoping to book soon onto the Discover Namibia trip for November.  Reading a lot of the reviews suggest that at the water holes you can get really good close up views of the wildlife.  This sounds awesom and I know this might seem a really silly question but what is there to stop the animals getting too close?!  i.e how come the lions don't take any exodus travellers for a tasty snack?  are there fences or something to prevent predators coming right into the campsites? LOL.

Don't worry Kathryn the campsites in Etosha are fenced to stop the larger game getting in!  I went to Namibia in April 2009 and had a fantastic time.  There's a thread here somewhere which a number of our group contributed to after we came back - it has lots of handy hints in.  It's in the Arrivals Lounge area I think.


thanks for the advice!  have just got off the phone, booked to go in November.  can't wait!

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