Tanzania Crater trip in August

Anyone travelling on this family trip?

We are very excited about taking our children (Rebecca age 13 and Sam age 9) on their first safari.  Before we had children we fell in love with Africa and went on safaris in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe (a long time ago when it was safe!).  We'd love to hear from anyone on the same trip, anyone who has done it before and any tips from anyone on what to take, what to see, what to watch out for etc...  We're all counting down the days, can't wait!!

Hi Christina,  I am going with my 10 year old daughter (Sara) and so looks like we will have at some of the kids with a similar age spread which is great.  First time for us on Safari but we have been on 3 other children trips with Exodus and she has loved them (Egypt, Vietnam and India so far).  I can give you some tips on what to take on these types of trips as travelling with children is an adventure in itself.


Hi Laith, Thank you for the offer of tips..  with only a month to go I'm trying to get my head around what we will need.  I've read the trip notes and seen their list, but if there are any other tips for travelling with children I'll be very pleased to receive them.  We've had our vaccinations and am getting the anti-malarial tablets, but apart from that haven't done anything to prepare. Have you received any flight details yet? Really looking forward to it. Wonder who else is going with us?

Hi Christina,  I have organised my own flights as I am based in Zurich so its easier for me to sort through.  In terms of additonal things to pack I will drop you an email as I work through my own list but first things that come to mind in addition to the info that Exodus provide:

Alcohol gels for cleaning hands before eating is a must have.  I also take lots of wet wipes and travel tissues as you cannot always be sure of running water.  I also take a small bottle of clothes detergent for handwashing if needed (very useful with kids).

When I went to India with Sara I used the vitamin probiotic tablets as it gives you another layer of protection against food poisoning (England Cricket team used them when they visited India).  They do them for kids and got to say Sara only got very mild food poisoning while the rest were dropping like flies so will definately take them again.


If the kids have handheld electronic games or ipod nano then take them for the long car journeys.  Also take 2 adaptors as you will have lots of devices to charge and you do not want dead batteries for your camera.

I always take lots of small sweets to keep them going through the day but if you take chocolate then go for coated (mini eggs, M&Ms) or you end up with a clump of melted chocolate in the heat.  Thats all for now but will drop you more info as it comes to mind.




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