Tanzania Lodge Safari AYQ

It would be great to hear from anyone else booked on to this trip.  This is my first trip to Tanzania though I've visited Kenya on numerous occasions.  I am really keen to go to Olduvai as on one trip to Kenya we borrowed Mary Leakey's tent.

Hi, I'm booked on this trip although in my notes it leaves on the saturday, not the sunday as indicated above. This is also my first trip to Tanzania so am very excited. I went to Namibia a couple of years ago and loved it there.

Sue Thackray Chiswick

My notes say the flight is on Saturday 13th, too, at 19.00.  We'll no doubt meet at Heathrow Terminal 4.  Have you got a Tanzanian visa or are you going to get it when we get there, which was what I was going to do.  $50 sounds OK as it's £38 if you go to the embassy.

I've already got a visa, although the trip notes do say you can get one on arrival. i just thought it would be easier to have obtained one beforehand. Im ust admit to doing it through travcour, which is more expensive to do. The upshot of this is that they deal with everything for you. I didn't want the hassle having to get the barclay's bankers draught as payment, which is the only payment the embassy accept via post.

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