Taste of Cuba depart 22nd November 2012

I'd love to hear from anybody else booked on this trip.

I've just paid the balance so can start counting the weeks! I'm really looking forward to this trip and escaping the UK winter with some sun and mojitos!

I'm flying solo from Gatwick - I live in the Midlands so will travel down and stay overnight near Gatwick the night before.

I look forward to meeting my fellow travellers.

Best wishes,



Hi Nicola!

 Yes, I am booked on this trip with 2 friends, and I can't wait!  Have you travelled with Exodus before?  We took a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand a couple of years back, and it was fantastic.  Can't wait for Cuba.  We are travelling down the night before from Scotland/Manchester.  Haven't booked accommodation for that night yet, but I have had a quick look and Holiday Inn by the airport seems reasonable/convenient.  At least we don't have to get up too early on the 22nd!


Chat soon,



Hi Lou,

Great to hear from you. I haven't travelled with Exodus before but have travelled with similar companies - did a trip to Thailand plus Cambodia this February!

For the airport stay the night before we fly to Havana I got a bargain room for £12 at Travelodge Central (in one of their sales!). I agree it's good we don't have to get up too early on 22nd!

Best wishes for now,



Hi Nicola

I am booked on this trip with my husband, and we are looking forward to some sunshine!  We have travelled with Exodus twice before to Botswana and India and both trips have been brilliant.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Hi Iona,

Nice to hear from you. Just over 5 weeks to go now so can't wait for some tropical warmth!!

I'm busy reading a couple of guide books and will try to find time to brush up on my Spanish before departure! 

Look forward to meeting you. 



hi everyone

 I'm travelling up from teesside staying at the Hilton the night before looking forward to meeting up with everyone



I'm also travelling solo from Gatwick staying overnight at the Hilton airport hotel anyone else staying there ?

Hi Jean, nice to hear from you. I'm afraid I'm not staying at the Hilton - looks lovely and no shuttle bus required! I'm being a total cheapskate and staying at the Travelodge Central the night before we fly but have splashed out on a pay to use airport lounge before departure! (the Servisair one - £17 for free bar and snacks. I'm not a huge fan of flying so always need a few drinks first....!!!).

How's everyone getting on with trip preparation? I have a day off work today so am off out now to shop for insect repellant etc. I'm also going to my bank to ask them for some nice mint notes - I'm not sure how much cash to take given ATMs in Cuba are unreliable and many website and travel guides says foreign notes should be in decent quality (no rips, scribbles etc) for them to be accepted by exchange bureaux in Cuba.

I'm hoping to pack light as it will be lovely and hot!

Look forward to meeting everyone on the trip. I'm excited now I can say 'we leave next week'! 

Nicola x 


hi Nicola

only staying at the Hilton to make life easier and less for me to frett about transfers etc - good idea re the airport lounge  - I too have been out shoping still have things to buy tho spare camera battery for example as well as stocking up on my medical kit are you taking prophylactic antibiotics my GP doesn't seem keen on supplying me with them  - good tip re the bank notes  - I hadn't heard that  - something else to add to the list  - won't be long now  - I do hope some of us can meet up at the airport before we fly out  - will keep my eyes peeled for the exodus label whilst checking in best wishes Jean

PS have you worked out how much currency we'll need  - I did some rough calculations and worked out we'll need approx 465 cuc  that's without spending money rate 1.4 cuc to the £ how's your maths?

Hi Jean and everyone.

I'm just taking medical basics such as immodium/ anti histamine etc.  I am a magnet for mossies so always travel with 50% DEET repellant to tropics including Cuba.

I'm currently pondering what footwear to take for the salsa class we will be having. I always travel in walking shoes and take walking sandals, neither of which are suitable for salsa. Oh well, I guess we can salsa in bare feet???


after a few tots of the local rum don't think you'll worry too much what you've got on you feet! taking one dress and one pair of dress trousers with shoes wich will match both can't take everything have yet to weigh my bag feels heavy already

Almost packed. Heading off to Gatwick tomorrow. Can't wait for sun on landing in Havana. Happy flight to all. See you in Havana!

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