Tasting Cuba on 28 November...

This my first trip with Exodus and my first trip to Cuba.  Has anyone else booked up for this trip, or already been to Cuba and have any tips?


Hi Kate, I've booked this trip too.  It's also my first Exodus trip, and visit to Cuba!


I have a friend who has travelled with Exodus before and says they are great.
I'm really looking forward to it!

Perhaps we should introduce ourselves. I'm Sarah, i'm 38 and i'm from London and i work in online advertising! (sounds like a dodgy dating site! lol)



Glad to see some people who have also signed up for the trip to Cuba. It's my first time with Exodus also. My name's Suzanne and I'm 36. I currently work in project/programme management for a renewable energy organisation. So...are any of you doing some reading up on Cuba in advance? I thought I should, but haven't got my hands on anything yet. I'd appreciate any recommendations.


Hi again, I'm Ceri, 34, live in Edinburgh and work in marketing / sales for an insurance company.  A friend went with Exodus on a different trip to Cuba last year and had a great time, so I will be borrowing her guide book at some stage :) Only booked the trip about 3 weeks ago, but looking forward to it!


Hi Ceri. I've just received a reminder about my trip, so think I might get hold of a guide book myself this afternoon.


I have the Rough Guide to Cuba which is pretty good.


Hi all. I'll be on the same trip and like you, I've never travelled to Cuba and never booked with Exodus before. I've never booked a holiday with a group of strangers before either. V looking forward to meeting you all in a few weeks. I'm Claire by the way, 34, live in London and work in PR/sponsorship. See you all soon.


I'm booked on the trip too. I've never been with Exodus or to Cuba and am looking forward to it. I'm Neil, from leeds originally but I have been living in london for 9 years now. I have a Footprint guidebook but haven't really looked at it yet.


Looks like I'm last to join as usual! My name's Rhiannon, 34, from Cardiff but living in Bristol at the mo. I'm a journalist and went to Egypt with Exodus for work last year to write a travel feature. Was so good I decided to book a holiday with them, so here I am! Not long now...


Hi all, can't believe it's less than 3 days to go now!  Just throught I'd say that if anyone would like to meet up for a coffee in Gatwick airport on Sunday, let me know.  My mobile is 07974 805242.  Reckon I'll aim to get there about 3 hours before flight.  I'm coming down from Edinburgh on Saturday and staying in airport hotel overnight, so don't have far to go :)  Excited now.


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