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Tatra feb 22

hello world of exodus 

 Is anyone out there also going on the winter activity week in feb ? 



Hey, yeah I booked on the one going the 23rd Feb last week, did you get the last spot? I'm thinking there must be a few solo travellers going.

Looking at the trip notes it looks like it should be a wicked week.



im not to sure if there are many solo travlers i only know of you me and one other (31 year old male)

it does sound like a wicked week however i cant ski so i am off for my frst lesson at chil factor in manchester on the 14th :-)

 i guess we shall find out when we get there , just who else is there i suppose its part of the surprise

have you done many of these things before


As long as there are a few I think it'll be great, I was worried there would be 2 or 3 big groupd that all knew each other already, but I think it'll be fine. I have backpacked alone and loved it and I think this trip will be really easy to make friends comparitively.

I wouldnt worry about the skiing, I can ski but haven't done for years and that's part of the reason I picked this trip as after a whole week of just skiing I can barely walk! This week should be ideal. I'm hoping to ski 2 days or maybe try snowboarding on the free day.

 I've never snow-shoed, cross country skied or dog-sledged so can't wait! You?


I hope there will be plenty of snow, we have got a night in krakow before the trip and after , i have done a similar trip in finland and that was brilliant , so hopefully this will be as good


We also have a night before / after in krakow and are meeting the folks at the airport early on the Saturday,

Danny I have never snow boarded or snow shoed before but I'm a in for a penny in for a pound kinda girl , ill try anything once , and often a second time before I decided I don't like it .

I to have backpacked alone for two years ... But never any place cold and iv never been so close to the uk on holiday it's always far flung exotic sounding places

Snow ... At this rate one snow drop would be more than the amount iv had here in Manchester :-/


Hey All,

 Night out in Krakow? How did you organise that? Are you already in Poland? Sounds good but unfort I'm getting the Sleazyjet from Gatwick on Sat 23rd at 6am! probably not worth going to bed on the Friday night to be honest! I have actually been there before for a night out and it was wicked, enjoy!


Hehe it's not a real night out just a quite one , if I were to go to London from Manchester it was going to cost a fortune / factor in the night in a hotel and the extra cost from exudos ..., I decided to fly out the night before to krakow from Liverpool , cheap and closer to home :-) and less partying about with flight etc


Ah fair do's, still, got me in the mood for a party! I'm sure there will be plenty of bars with a decent atmosphere when we get there. Last time I went skiing was to Bulgaria and everywhere was obsessed with karaoke, it was hilarious!


I'm afraid to say I'm 90 % t total , I'm happy to laugh at you though ;-)
Have u googled the place we are going ? I'm not sure if smokyvek is exactly party central :-/ .... Although I can't really get an awful lot of detail on it at all despite trying :-/

Iv never partied anywere in Europe except Scotland / England ... Never mind Bulgaria


Haha, no problem, it's alright I'm not going for a pissup, but just interested to see what the apres ski will be like as I haven't been on one of these organsied tours with a big group before.


U and me both /

Steve was on one to Nepal ... Said very few his/ our age ... More older ladies .. But that's Nepal not krakow/ Slovakia ... Are you close to gatwic , or do u need to travel to get to there ?


I'm just north of London, near Luton actually, so Gatwick is a bit of a pain, half way round the M25, takes about 90 mins so not too bad. You far from Manchester?


Not so far , maybe 50 mins is in the car , a small place called Preston :-)
Ewwww m25 I'm not big on roads with more than one lane brought up in a very rural locatio


Aw, you'll like the roads in Poland then, from what I remember most of them are cobble-stones and single tracks, thats why the journeys can be so long!


Lol . Awsome that will make it more interesting :-)


Hi All,

16 days to go!!!! Woop! I'm really excited for the holiday :-) This is the first time I've booked on a holiday like this and I can't wait! Coming from the North East so taking a different route too and will meet at the airport on Saturday morning. Look forward to meeting everyone then!




 we are also comming from the north / spenidng the night before in krakow and meeting at the airport firt thing

 and it is also my first holiday like this .... 16 days :-/ iv got a  day holiday before i go there so i had best get packing ... so much to do so little time


So it's only a week now til the holiday technically starts since you're going on the friday!!! Woop! How did the ski lessons go? We aren't getting to krakow the night before, we just arrive on the sat morning but from a different airport, maybe 20 mins after the gatwick flight arrives.  I;m on night shift all week next week til i go so who knows when the packing will get done!! ;-)  Good luck with yours!


ski lessons

well im not so sure.. i could not hear what the lady was saying so i just did what i thought she was saying and seamed to go ok ...

on nights .. yuk ... i do 2 nights each week aswell so you have my sympathy ...

packing .. well thats kind of what im doing just now .. sort of .. im also trying to decided what amount of what currancy i should perhaps  go and get :-/ last minute my specialities i guess i shall see you in 2 days .. less than 2 days , infact in 12 hours ill be on the move ... now can anyone tell me what it is im missing and should have taken with me ?


Hey all, just getting excited now and wanted to see what your travel plans look like tomorrow. I'm getting a lift from my old man from Hertfordshire to Gatwick, leaving at 2am, probably not bothering going to sleep, maybe just have a few beers and stick a film on that I can snooze to and aim to get to Gatwick for 4am. I just hope I can sleep on the plane and bus when we get there!

 Anyone else arriving at Gatwick around that time?

See you soon, Danny 

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