TDA - The Amalfi Coast, Departing 10 October 2009


Is anyone going on the above trip?




Hi Alistair

Kevan and I have just registered for the Departure Lounge and are happy to see that you too are off to Amalfi in a couple of weeks.  Have you been on an Exodus holiday before?  This will be our first experience with them.  




Hi Alexandra and Kevan,

Thanks for getting back to me! I'm not sure how widely-used this facility is but hopefully we'll be able to track down a few more fellow travellers before we head off!

This will be my second trip with Exodus. I went to Thailand in November 2007 which I thoroughly enjoyed. I don't think they run the trip that I went on any more, but it was excellent - a brilliant local guide, saw much more of the country than if I had gone on my own, good mix of places and activities, and a really nice group of people.

I'm really looking forward to the trip as I've never been to Italy before and the Amalfi Coast is supposed to be beautiful. I booked up too late to get on the group flight and am flying out a few hours I'll see you in Naples!

Have you been to this area of Italy before?



Hi Alistair

Yes, more folk should use this facility, you are right.  I have been to Italy before;  Kevan hasn't.  I took 2 weeks driving around the country in the early 90s and saw quite a bit , including Vesuvius and Naples.  I've also spent time in Venice (wonderful!) but Amalfi has been a goal of mine for several years now.  And to be able to combine it with walking - great!

The flights have good timings.  We'll be spending the night of 9th in a hotel at Gatwick airport.  You?  And on the way back a night at Euston Travelodge :( before travelling back north on Sunday.

Alexandra (Alex) 


Hi Alex,

I'll be staying in a hotel at Gatwick on Friday 9th as well...better get that booked actually!I'm flying down from Edinburgh after work on the Friday evening and heading straight back up on Saturday evening when we return. You have a little further to go than me so I can see why you're leaving it until the Sunday!

What hotel are you staying at? I think I could get a good rate at the Mercure, although there are quite a few to chose from.



Hi!  I'm on this trip too -- looking forward to it...

Have travelled with Exodus once before -- Morocco this time last year -- and enjoyed it.



Hi Edmund - good to hear you are involved.

Pretty much ready bar the packing - see you all in Naples tomorrow!

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