Thai Indochina Explorer - 15/16th Oct

Hiya.  I'm heading off on the Thai Indochina Explorer on 15th Oct 2011 - who else is booked on?

I know there's ages to go but this is my first Exodus trip and first times in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand so I'm really excited.  The countdown begins...!


Hi Holly!

I'm Paula, and I'll be joining you on our adventure!

I'm really excited too - I can't wait....

It's also my first Exodus trip and my first visit to these countries; places I've always dreamt of going to and it's finally happening!!

It's all becoming very real now - especially now that I've got my Vietnamese visa. Just my jabs, and final payments to go.

I'm 35 years old and I'm travelling alone, I'm from Gibraltar but I'll be joining the group at Heathrow. I understand that so far there's 5 of us booked to go.

Looking forward to meeting you, 



Hi Holly & Paula

This will be our third Exedus trip, and we highly recommend them.  I am travelling with my partner Stuart and with two friends Fabien (Fab) and Damian.

We've just this week sorted out our visas.  We too are soooo looking forward to the trip.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Hi all!

Its getting closer!

I've still got to sort out my visas - did you send them off or go to the Vietnamese embassy?  I'm not sure i'm happy about just posting my passport!  Got to sort out the vaccinations as well!

It's me and my boyfriend Tom going on this trip, we are 24 and 25.  And we can't wait!

Once everyone at work gets back from their summer holiday it'll be our turn to jet off!



Hi Holly
To play safe I went to the Vietnam and Cambodia embassies in person. Didn't want to trust the post. Not even registered post!

The annoying thing though was having to wait 4 working days before getting one back before going up to London again to get the second one done, and then waiting a further 4 days to get that back.

Needless to say it will all be worth it in the end. Have just booked appointment to get vaccinations done. Ouch!!
Looking forward to meeting you both.
Shane (& Stuart)

Hi Shane,

I have bitten the bullet and just sorted my Vietnamese one out and put it in the post so fingers crossed I get it back!  

Do we have to get our Camodian Visas beforehand?  I thought we could just get those on the border crossing.

Am going to book my vaccinations tomorrow!  You have all inspired me to be organised!



Are you taking any Cambodian or Vietnam currency with you or are you going to get some when we get there.  I have heard that US dollars may be best if exchanging currency. What do you think is best?

Shane (& Stuart)

I'm Kenny and am going on this trip as well. Went with exodus to morocco last year and was very inpressed. Got my visas sorted by post and had no problems and am glad to say vaccinations are up to date. I'm taking dollars as most places say they are easier to exchnage.


Hi Kenny

I to have now been advised to take US Dollars as this will be the most flexible currency.  Look forward to meeting you.

Does anybody know how many of us are on the trip?

Regards Shane


Hi all

We're Carol and John from Sheffield.  This will be our third Exodus trip.  Really looking forward to meeting everyone and getting away from it all for a couple of weeks.  Just waiting for visa to come back and getting the anti malarials.  We did Thailand with Exodus in 2006 so looking forward to seeing Bangkok again.  

John & Carol 




Hi All, I'm Anne and my friend Julia and I will be joining you in Vietnam on Sunday afternoon. We are so looking forward to this trip - visas, vaccinations, malaria tabs and currency in order... just need to sort the packing! See you all soon.



Hi  you are all probably too busy packing to post anything right now. We are all but ready to go. Just have to work another day and then drive down to Heathrow tomorrow night.  Really looking forward to this trip and meeting everyone  See you all SUnday 


Happy Holidays 

Carol & John

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