Thai IndoChina explorer - What's the food & water like ?

Wondering what the food and water were like, and whether they were safe for Western European stomachs ?



I've travelled a lot in the region and food is generally fantastic (and cheap) everywhere in South East Asia. You'll get recommendations and suggestions from your tour leader on arrival, but I would say that it's best to stick to bottled water everywhere (rather than drinking from the tap). I've never had any stomach trouble despite eating practically everything on offer from street food vendors, but that may be because I've spent a lot of time there. I always stick to the theory that if somewhere is busy and gets a lot of local custom, then they must be doing something right.

If you like spicy food, once you get to Thailand ask your tour leader to take you to street vendor making Som Tum and ask for it "Thai style". It's a papaya salad and is VERY spicy. There's normally a few street vendors making it on the same soi (street) that the Royal Benja (where you'll be staying) is on. Or, if you fancy eating in an air conditioned environment with a few cold beers to wash it down, go to Gullivers Pub on the same street - it's on the menu there too.

As I said though, your tour guide will talk about food throughout the tour, making recommendations and telling you if somewhere has a bad reputation.

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