Hi, Anyone else on this trip ?

Just rang Exodus this afternoon and awaiting confirmation of dates/flights etc.  Travelled with them a few times now and been wanting to do this trip for ages.  A month seems quite a long time but may as well do it now while I still can!  Young at heart if not in years!

All booked up now - as i live 'up north' i am travelling down to Heathrow to connect with the Group flight - .  Already bought the 'Lonely Planet' guides and busy going throught them with highlighter.  Looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers.  Is there anyone else out there yet?

Hi Brenda,

You stated " A month seems a long time "  are you on the November 2012 trip ?

Yes i am.  I am travelling down to Heathrow from Newcastle upon Tyne on 10th Nov and staying overnight at Airport hotel to catch group flight at 10.50 on 11th.  Really looking forward to it and just finished reading a brilliant book by Loung Ung called 'First they killed my Father' recommended by Exodus staff.

I have just read a few reviews of the book you mentioned, and ordered a copy, all I need now is to find the time to read it..  I have several trips before this one so its at the back of my mind at present. I had no idea of flight times etc. I shall travel to LHR in the morning from near Bristol. 

I read your "A month seems a long time " as the time before departure, brain is now operational.



I couldn't get an early enough flight for the connection.  I also have a few trips before this one but this is THE BIG ONE as far as i am concerned as I have been wanting to do it for ages - just circumstances wouldn't allow. Enjoy the book!


My husband and I are going on this trip in Nov. We live in Newcastle so might be on the same flight to Heathrow. This is our 7th trip and have enjoyed all of them. Keep in touch. June and Tom Robson 

Hello June and Tom

I am flying down on the Saturday and Exodus have booked me in for a night at the Sofitel Hotel so i can catch group flight next day.  Thought it might be a bit tight to travel down on the Sunday. We always have this problem dont we!  I am off on a trip to Greece with Exodus next week but am flying Newcastle -Amsterdam - Athens and picking up Group transfer there. Be good to stay in touch - seems a long time away but something to look forward to in this bleak weather!

Hello Brenda

We are flying down on Sat 10th on the 14:35 flight staying at the Holiday Inn. Hope you enjoy your trip !!


Hi All,

I have just finished reading the book  'First they killed my Father'  by  Loung Ung,

words are all but useless here, this book just has to be read.

I should be in Burma on a trip, but the Burmese embassy closed 11-20-Apr and I could not get a visa, so, out of pocket and not a happy bunny. I think I will get a lonely plannet guide to gen up on

S-E Asia while stuck in a soggy UK.  Glad to see you are getting organised with flights etc. I have a trip to the U.S.A. in May so ned to plan for that, plus some others before this one.

Dave P..


Hello Dave,  Sorry about your Burma Trip - certainly could be out of this country at moment!  I am off to Greek islands in May and cant wait!  I need to renew my passport after that trip so I can send off later on for visa for Vietnam which we need before we go apparently.  Glad you enjoyed book - thought it was amazing and heart rending.

Brenda T

Hello everyone,

Just been to Docs and updated my jabs for this trip - only needed a typhoid booster and started a course of HepB because of length of trip.  Wondered if anyone knows whether mossy nets are provided where we need them or would it be a good idea to take my own?  Also is 55% Deet spray suitable as I know 100% is desperate on my skin - but insects love me! There was talk of a jab against Japanese Encephalitis but not sure this is necessary.  Anyone any thoughts on this - perhaps Exodus Staff might help? Only 3 months to go! 

Brenda T

Hi Brenda,

I thought deet 50% was the norm, never used it myself, although I carry it.

Some people do seem to get bitten more than others, deet or no deet.

Never had a HepB jab, never even thought about it, nor Japanese Encephalitis, 

but Japanese Encephalitis may be worth thinking about, however the trip notes don't mention it, and it would seem a very low risk. The problem is - Health Centre staff are most unlikely to say don't bother just to cover theirself.  It occurs in Burma also, I re-booked the trip for 04=September, so a bit late to think about it for that trip.

As for Mossy nets, I doubt if Exodus staff would know, but maybe there is someone who has been on the trip, personally I would not expect them to be provided at all the hotels, if you bring your own will there be anywhere to hang it ??  I always carry a head net, but once again hve never used it.

 Dave P..

Thanks Dave.  Hep B was only recommended by Dr because of length of stay and in case any hospital treatment was needed using fluids - i guess i am erring on the side of being a bit too cautious!  Other stuff is all up to date anyway.  Having done some more reading I dont think i will bother with the Jap encephalitis.  Pleased you managed to re book your Burma trip though.  Seen some pop-up mossy nets which I might investigate - I am covered in bites already from this summer.  But at least they dont carry the diseases in this country! It will be long sleeves and long trousers for me i think!

Brenda T



Hi All,

I am from Saskatoon, SK, Canada and I will be joining this trip in November.  I am really looking forward to it and meeting fellow travellers.  Sounds like a great tour and lots of fun. 

Hello Rose, 

 Nice to hear from another member of the group.  Just applied for my visa for Vietnam and had the last of my jabs - seems to be getting closer now.  Look forward to meeting you.  Is anyone else bringing their own cycling helmet?  Not compulsory but Exodus seem to prefer it.


Hi Brenda, look forward to meeting you as well.  I have my Vietnam Visa already, in the past I had issues getting a visa done, so I did it early this time.  I am off to see if I need any more jabs tomorrow morning but I think I have most of them from previous travels.  I will find out about any malaria pills I need.   I haven't thought about the cycling helmet yet, would be nice if we could just rent while we are there, but maybe one should bring.  Will have to think about that.  

 I have another short trip planned in Thailand with another company before this one starts out of Chiang Mai - Northern THailand - Hill Tribe Hike.  Busy trying to get in shape for that.  So I will be in Thailand earlier than the rest of you.   

Hello Rose

 The only jabs I needed were a typhoid booster and a course of Hep B - everything else was up to date and I alread have my malarials.  You will be well acclimatised to the Thai culture before we meet  - so enjoy your trip.  Not sure about cycling helmet - see how the packing goes- might just hire one - prefer to travel as light as possible!  See you in Bankok.

Hi all,

Regarding cycling helmets, we had a morning cycling in Burma, the leader had to wear one (Exodus requirement) but none were provided for the group, nor were we required to wear them.

Personaly I hate them, and am glad they are not compulsary. 

Just getting my visa application ready, but awaiting details of contact in Vietnam from Exodus, the trip notes say this info is provided with the booking conformation, but I could not find it.

I think I will get a request for malarone in early, as the local health centre has fouled up on two previous occasions,  

Hello everyone, 

Vietnam Visa arrived this morning.  If you haven't got yours sorted yet i can thoroughly recommend getting it by post direct from the Vietnamese Embassy.  An email to establish costs was replied to immediately.  I applied last Tuesday and received it back 8 days later.  Very efficiently handled.


Well, I start my journey tomorrow - November 1st to Thailand...spending most of the time in Chiang Mai and a few extra days in Bangkok.  Really looking forward to meeting everyone on the 12th. Safe travels to you all.  


Lucky you - wish i was going now.  I am all sorted - have currency, Visa, clothes piled up on spare bed and raring to go.  Twiddling my thumbs for next few days and doing lots of reading I think! 

Safe journey - see you in Bangkok. Brenda


HI Brenda,  the time will go by quickly.  I to had clothes piled up on the spare bed and sorted out the ones that I figured I did not need and could leave behind. That is what I find the hardest, knowing for SURE what to take. Then you get on the holiday and it never really mattered  :)   

 See you in Bangkok!!! 


I also decided to bring a bike helmet.....friends talked me into it :)


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