Thai-Indochina Grand Tour (AOG) Love to connect

Simon and I are booked on the trip departing 9 December (from the UK), if you are also booked would love to hear from you here.

We are just back from a 3 week road trip around Oregon and Washington.  < 22 weeks to go!


My name is Julie and I am booked on this tour (9 December).  I only booked a week ago and can't believe it is only 16 weeks away.  Am looking forward to it and it will be nice to experience Christmas and New Year somewhere different. 


Hi ,

Got the last two spaces :-)

Looking forward to meeting everyone.. 16 weeks.. OMG so much to sort out... so little time..



It looks like a really exciting trip.  We're looking forward to it.

Need to get thinking about the visas for Vietnam soon, think that's the key task.  Waiting to hear back from the doctor surgery to see if we need booster jabs.

Our first trip with Exodus so hoping it will be a good one 


Tom and I are going as well. This is our first trip with Exodus and we're very excited! Making most of holiday and having two days in KL on the way. Anyone else doing this? Been looking in to jabs and there are quite a lot!

Look forward to meeting you all!

Jess & Tom


How great will that be for you - 2 days at KL. We'd already got something in the diary for Friday night so catching the included flight on the Sunday.


Booked into Doc's for jabs.. hopefully just a few top up's as the yellow fever is still in date..

Next Job, Visa for Vietnam.. I've downloaded the forms and it all looks simple enough.. So will be applying for that very soon.

Making up a kit list today and trying to work out how to travel light for 30 days away !


I'm aiming to fill one backpack for the two of us so one free for shopping - not sure I'll manage this mind.

We did a month in central America with 9kg each on the way out - great thing about traveling is no one knows you are wearing the same few clothes. 


My backpack has seen better days.. so off to treat myself to a new kit bag today..

 P.s. I'll know your in the same clothes ;-) 


if you are buying a new backpack theres a great alternative we got in Blacks - it's a softish bag that can be used as a holdall/backpack but also has a handle and wheel. Truely excellent, so have a look at that.


Goof shout for Blacks.. But Cotswolds tempted me with the sale.....



Sorry should read "Good" not "Goof"...

Looking forward to spending my Birthday,Xmas and New Year away......



It will be great to have your birthday on holiday. It's my birthday tomorrow.currently in Dublin for a short birthday trip. 5 years ago I celebrated my birthday climbing a sand dune in Namibia.

Hi Everyone

This is my 2nd trip with Exodus.  I went to Peru with them a couple of years ago and they were very good.  I wondered what you are doing about money on the trip.  Are you going to be taking all USD cash or using debit/credit cards.  Also, are any of you getting the Cambodian visa beforehand or waiting and getting at the border?

Neesee, I am dead impressed that you only used 9kg baggage allowance on one of your trips. 


Hi Julie

I was planning on buying the Cambodian visa at the border, but going to send off for the Vietnamese one soon.

I generally take some cash and get more out whilst away, do get a bit concerned n carrying too much cash.

Not sure I'll get the clothes as low as 9kg this time, but aiming low - one year we had to take mattresses and sleeping bags within my one piece of luggage so having travelled light that time it helped for future trips!


Hi Julie,

Planning the same as Neesee, take some dollars but pick up cash whilst away.

We are also planning on getting the Visas at the borders apart from the Vietnamese which I have almost filled in. Forgot to phone Exodus today and see what dates I need to put on it. I read somewhere that it's best to leave a couple of days either side just in case of trip changes..

I wonder how many people are booked on this trip, atleast 8 ? 

Happy belated Birthday Neesee.. hope you had a good time.. 




Thanks for the birthday wishes, we had a brilliant time in Dublin

I must fill in the visa form soon

I think there is a maximum of 16 people on Exodus trips.  We've travelled with Intrepid before who have a max of 12 people and everyone makes their own way to the meet hotel.

We've opted to go with the inclusive flights option - anyone else doing this? 



On the inclusive flights leaving Heathrow , you'll find us in one of the departure lounges having a large gin and tonic or two.. Looks like Air Malaysia are using an A380 on the route now so plenty of room to move around.

Bit of a long wait in Malaysia on the way back between flights, but not the worst i've ever had ! 


Hey Nik, we will see you there then.

I phoned Exodus and you can't book seats till 24 hours before departure


Oh.. that will have to go on my ever growing list of things to do before we go...

water plants..empty fridge.. book seats !..  


 Hello everyone,

I have read so many different things about what money to take.  Are you all just taking USD and then changing for local curreny while out there?  Some forums say you should have a little local currency as well - so I am a little confused.

Also going for flight option, see you in KL airport, maybe for breakfast!

I am assuming that you all plan to check in online with Air Malaysia so that you can book seats?


Oh and another quick question, does anyone have our flight booking reference yet?  We need that to check in online and to book seats!


I phoned the office and with Air Malaysia you can only book seats 24 hours in advance.

I wasn't planning on taking local currencies - everywhere we have been they take dollars!  I usualy take at least 50 $1 bills 


Thanks for the info re currencies. 

I had a call from my doctors this week re vaccinations. Apart from the normal ones which I have had before, they mention Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis. I wondered if any of you have had either of these before or are thinking of having them? 

 I am also booked on the inclusive flights from LHR.  I will be staying overnight at LHR as I live in Taunton and will be travelling by coach or train.


we'vebeen told we are all covered, no mention of Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis and the nurse did a  search - perhaps your doctors surgery is more thorough than ours?


Just had an answer from Exodus re'visa for Vietnam.

I need to double check the dates but these look good. Hope that helps you all.

"With Vietnam, yes, please add some extra days each side. The dates you will be in Vietnam are between 17th  December and 2nd  January. I would suggest to add some days and put the 12th and 5th?"



Forms completed, all ready to post for our visas tomorrow - less than 3 months to go!


Phoning my doc's tomorrow about the malaria tablets..  side effects....The Lucid dreams are great.....

But if I'm honest the last time I took Malarone with no side effects at all


Getting my Japanese Encephalitis jabs in a couple of weeks.. Just need another typhoid jab and I'm good to go. Thankfully I've had all the others you mention and they are all in date still including rabies..

How many weeks to go !!!!


Thanks for the help Nik!

Same sort of question as JulieJK really...

As I have never been anywhere like this before, I don't have any of the injections and so I am in two minds what to do about Rabies & Cholera.  Is anyone getting these that doesn't have them already?  From the trip notes it doesn't look like we'll be near monkeys/bats and I am sure we can avoid dogs, so I don't think Rabies is worth it?

Cholera is another difficult one, I am sure we'll be drinking bottled water, but you never know!

It seems as though JE is fairly essential, so i'll be getting this one.

Also, I don't have Yellow Fever vaccination, but as we are not travelling through anywhere that has it I don't think we'll need it either, but I don't want to be a a boarder without a certificate. The nurses I have seen have said different things!



Just a quick note to say that the turn around for the Vietnamese Visa was extremly quick.

Sent on a friday back by the following saturday ! only a week.. very easy to do forms all straight forward.

Injections this thursday..urghhh hate needles... how many weeks to go ?


Yes our visas got turned around quickly too.

We aren't going ahead with the JE jab- we have travelled around rural india for a similar length of time and never had the jab then.

And it is 9 weeks on Sunday that we leave the UK, I have a count down in my diary. And my 7th book goes on sale on 3rd January, so I'll be in Cambodia as I celebrate that


oh, I just have a written countdown in my desk diary, got too many apps on my phone as it is.

This will be our 5th holiday away for xmas, a great reason to skip buying prezzies and sending cards, but we do take gifts back 

right, off to finalise packing, going to our final music festival of the year soon.


Love the idea of a countdown as well!  As I am extending the trip by two days to spend some time in KL, I leave 10 weeks today!

7 books?  Congratulations from me too.  Maybe I should add them to my Kindle for reading while away!  What sort of books do you write?

Also going with JE jabs, but probably not Rabies as I figure they will be able to get us to hospital in time. I change my mind the more I read, so I think I should stop reading things!

Off to Istanbul for a long weekend in a couple of weeks as well so will sort Visas when I get back, so great to know that the turn around is quick.


Hey Jess, exciting times isn't it, and enjoy your trip to Istanbul. 

I write non fiction, mainly career book. alas I'm never going to be rich with these sorts of books

Back from a music festival and in need of sleep, but have just paid the balance - so looking forward to the holiday xx



Any other Veggies on the trip.. It's been 20 + years for me and about the same for the other half..

I get the feeling it could be a bit of a challenge. As just about everything is cooked in fish oil ! 



Excellent Link.. hadn't found that one.. thanks



Thanks Neese, maybe I will stick with my Scandanavian crime then!  The wonders of a kindle, not that I will get much reading done though!

I can't believe that we booked and paid our deposit all the way back in February, and we have just paid the final balance! If these 9 weeks go as quickly as the last 9 months then we'll be there in no time.  Just hope the month we are there doesn't go too quickly!


Hi Jess, I love my scandinavian crime too.  Collecting some paperbacks to take away and will give away as I finish each. Still planning on travelling light so I've plenty of room to buy stuff

Hi Everyone

I decided to have the Jap E vaccination and had the first one yesterday.  Now have a bit of a dead arm. 2nd jab in a months time.  I decided not to have rabies or Hep B.  I have also had my Vietnam visa back this week.  As you all said, only took just over a week so very quick.

Neesee - congratulations on your new book.  Hope you get lots of sells.

Time seems to be passing very quickly.  Only 8 weeks to go now.


I think it is so great that some of us are chatting here in advance of meeting on the holiday. I've not had this as an option with other holiday companies.  So looking forward to meeting Nik, Jess and Julie

Enjoy your weekends xx

Hi Neesee, Nik, Jess and Julie,

I'm Victoria am heading out to S.E Asia on the same trip. Not long now!!

Your posts have made interesting reading: am sending off for my Vietnamese visa this week and it seems that all my jabs are up to date, so will just need some malarone which I have taken before, and in response to a post above, no side effects.

Lots of things to start thinking about now in preparation for a month away. Am really looking forward to the trip and having that much time off work! I'm sure it is going to be a fantastic trip!


Nice to see you here Victoria, and we will meet up before you know it x


Hello everyone again and nice to see someone new Victoria! Less than 7 weeks to go!

Have finally booked my JE jabs as well.  I was about to apply for my Visa when I realised my cheque book had my old name on it - shows how often I use cheques...

See you all in Bangkok. 


Hi everybody, not to long now. All jabbed up and ready to go.

Just to let you know.. lloyds pharmacy are still doing malarone for only £2.24 a tablet online.. 5 day turn around.

See you all soon..  


I'm ordering my Malarone this week, just looked again at jabs and Cholera is listed but I will only drink bottled water and will avoid salad, fruit I can't peel so don't think I need it. Checked with my doctor yesterday and he said no need.

I've got 2 bottles of hand sanitiser ready - 1 each.

5 and a bit weeks, will swap to count down of days soon. 


Hi everyone!

Neesee, I am already counting in days thanks to my handy countdown mentioned by Nik! 34 days to go for Tom and I till we fly in to KL for a couple of nights! Flight from KL leaves at 9.10am on 10th January, so I am sure we'll see you all there and not Bangkok like I said before!

Just a quick question, I have seen a few posts about bags here, but wondered what people had decided on, wheelie suitcase, rucksack or kit bag?



Hi Jess, we've been using a multi option storage thingy, it can be wheeled and also used as a back pack plus handles in case you need to carry it, soft on 3 sides. We got ours from Blacks but they don't sell it anymore.

I think anything would be ok for this trip, have you checked with the trip notes?

Our flight on to Bangkok leaves at 09.10 so looks like we will be on the same plan, think you mean December :) 


Ha ha, yes, of course I mean December, see you there then!

Vietnam Visas in the post and only 1 jab left to go...



I am booked on the tour-land only, arriving  Saturday evening in Bangkok. Wondering if anyone else is arriving early ?

Thanks, Lindsey


I'm coming in on the included flight so will see you on the trip.  enjoy the extra time in Bangkok. Denise x

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