THAILAND ENCOMPASSED 14th november who else going?


 my name is tom and i'm booked onto the thailand encompassed trip starting on the 14th november, looking for other travellers that are going and that could give me advice as this is my first trip with exodus.






Hi Tom,

 I'm also going on the same trip, but like you, this is also my first trip... so I'm not much help!!!

 One thing that friends have told me to do, is make sure that the clothing you take is light and that it dries easily, flip flops are good... other than that?!!

 Catch you later,



Hi Tom and Simon,

I'm also booked on the holiday and it's also my first time with Exodus. Are you guys bringing proper hiking rucksacks? I'm a bit of a novice to the whole thing but pretty excited nonetheless! I've been eyeing up some 45litre rucksacks but not sure if this is sufficient or overkill (if you are all bringing suitcases?)? Our visit also happens to coincide with one the major festivals in Thailand - Loy Krathong but unfortunately we miss out on the main spectacle in Chiang Mai on the Saturday as we'll be on the sleeper train at 16.30 which is a bit annoying.


Hi Eliza,

I'm planning on taking two rucksacks, one which is about 60litre, and one which I'll use as hand luggage. It says that when we go on the trek we can leave the majority of our luggage at a hotel.

If it is you're using a rucksack, you want to make sure that all the straps are tied up... otherwise they can catch in the conveyor belts at the airport!!!

Best wishes,



I was looking at taking a large hiking rucksack for my main clothes and then a smaller one for my hand luggage,

shoes wish is where i'm a little unsure about what to take on the trip some people saying flipflops but i dont fancy walking all day in flipflops to be honest anyone else got an idea of what they are taking?

Also roughly how much money are people planning on taking just so i got a rough guide to get them changed over.


Bringing 2 rucksacks probably sounds like the best idea. When you say we can leave the majority of our luggage at the hotel when we go trekking to see the hill tribes are you planning on leaving the 60litre rucksack at the hotel and bringing the smaller rucksack with you for the 3 or so days that we go trekking? I guess I'll need a 20litre rucksack in addition to the 45 or 55litre beastie then. Do you guys have those covers for your rucksacks that you can padlock or something? Some guy at some hiking shop was telling me that I'ld probably need one of those too so no one can tamper with my rucksack or for the straps to get caught.

Re shoes I'm planning on probably wearing hiking shoes for any trekking we do as I don't think my feet will appreciate hiking around the hills in flip flops! I'll also carry some flip flops with me for the easier days (if such a thing exists?!). I've heard that when visitng temples you need to cover up - you may want to check this out before you go. I have no clue how much money I'm going to bring with me yet. That is if I have any left after being numerous rucksacks ;o)

Also are you taking any malaria pills? I've had conflicting advice re vaccinations. Some people recommended I get the rabies jab done as well?!!!

Are any of you guys flying out from Heathrow on the Saturday? They apparently ran out of placea on the group flight so I'm flying with Eva Airlines which leaves about 30mins after the group flight so I'll be getting the airport transfers with the group when I arrive in Bangkok.



Hi Tom/Liz,

Shoes, everyone has said flipflops to me as well, and walking shoes/boots for trekking. Apparently there are loads of place for drawing money out over there... just need to be aware that there is a flat fee for drawing any amount of money out!!!

One of my friends has recently come back from Thailand, and he said that he was getting around 48 Baht to the pound over there!!!

I was planning on getting one of those lockable zip covers, as you don't want anyone tampering with anything over there... and as you said it solves the problem of dangling straps!!!

I wasn't bothering with malaria pills, as we don't go that far north, which is where I believe most of the problem is. I'm also flying out from Heathrow on the Saturday, I think it's the 7.30 flight that I'm on?.. I really need to check!!! :)

Best wishes,



hi, ive been told best to take a course of malaria tablets and as i live in wales its free on NHS. been told to just remember plently of repelant for the mozzies. i will look to get a pair of walking shoes rather than the heavy boots i have at the moment, hopfully we can get things washed quite easily on the "rest days" i'm flying out with the main group from gatwick but no1 has made contact from this group yet hopefully someone will do before we head off. very much looking forward to the trip now. take care and cant wait to meet up with everyone the first night.


Hi, Hope you're all sorted and excited about your trip. I've just found out that I'm flying on Thai Airways, departing London Heathrow at 21.35... if anyone else is on this flight and fancy meting up at check-in let me know!!!



Hi Si

I'm on the same flight as you!!

Getting really excited about the trip... I'm a bit of a novice to all of this too so it's great to read all the messages above. I was thinking I'd have to make do with 1 rucksack and didn't know how I'd make that work... feeling so much happier that the general consensus is 2!! :-)

Can't wait to meet you all.



Yes my flight is also with Thai Airways from Heathrow on the Saturday at 21.35 so I'll see you guys somewhere in the Terminal!!!
Apparently there's 17 people going on this trip so if there's any other guys booked on the trip out there reading the conversation please feel free to introduce yourselves!!!!!!
Right now I'm massively looking forward to escaping the freezing cold for warmer climes. Oh and sandy beaches too. And amazing hillside landscapes. Then there's the elephants. And the food. The list is pretty endless. As is the list of what I perhaps need to pack...


Greetings from an Exodus veteran. I'm departing on the Thai Airways flight on Saturday 13th as well. Looking forward to meeting you all before the flight.

Based on the earlier comments. Light trekking shoes and flip flips are a YES. Two bags are best. One for your luggage and a day sack for the trekking, etc. Got my jabs too and malaria pills for the far north near Chang Rai.

Really looking forward to a new adventure and of course loads of Thai Food!!!!!!!!!!! Paul


I now appear to be the only one so far getting the Eva Airlines flight from heathrow on the Saturday at 21.20 brittish time. really looking forward to it now packed up the rucksack all ready. what are people's age's on the trip?





Hi to everyone!

I'll be travelling from Bham and get into Bangkok about 1pm so I will see you all later in the evening.  Probably won't venture too far out in the afternoon - if I get past the outdoor pool I'll be lucky!  Have been on a few trips with Exodus and really looking forward to this one.

Almost packed, have been advised to take my own sleeping bag as probably more portable and lightweight than those we will get on the trek - anyone else doing the same?  Disappointingly typical girly question but does it get cold at night - don't want to waste precious luggage space on a fleece etc if it never gets that cold. 

Anyway see you all Sunday


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