Is there anybody out there?

Hi , my partner Fiona  and I are booked on this trip.

Just thought I'd dip a toe in and see if anybody  else is booked to go.

Or is it just us and the one mule !!?

It won't just be the two of you and a mule! I'm going alone and when I booked there was only one other person going. But the trip now shows as guaranteed, so there must be at least seven of us and at least a couple of mules! Brian


Hi Brian, good to hear we're not alone!

Looks like you may have done some trekking at altitude before if you profile piccie is anything to go by, is that Everest I spy in the background?

 We're newbies to trekking, so a little aprehensive but really looking forward to it. Done plenty of holidays in Snowdonia over the last few years though and been up to 4000m before so should be fine. Ahem!!

Still trying to work out the packing also as the trip notes are a bit vague on temperature. Any Thoughts?


Hi Mike,

That was 3 years ago when I did the Everest Base Camp trek. It's the only trek I've done at altitude and I made it to 5,600 metres at the top of Kala Patthar, which overlooks Base Camp. This is the first trek I've booked since, but I do lots of walking in the UK. 

I'm not sure about the temperature either, most of the guides I've read say that it gets quite cold at night. Hopefully it will be t-shirt by day, and just a fleece by night. As long as you have decent sleeping bags you should be fine. I never had to take a sleeping bag when I went to Nepal, they were provided on the trip so I'll have to cut down on the amount of clothes I take this time. Exodus provide a kit bag, so aside from hand luggage, everything will need to fit in this bag. If it's anything like the one I had from a different company when I went to Nepal it will be more than big enough.


Hmmm, sleeping bags. We've pondered long and hard over that. After much, much, much deliberation I think we're going to hire some from Trek Hire which just happens to be on our doorstep. They also run tours to the High Atlas so I guess they should know best eh?

I'll probably do my usual with the rest and overpack and only use half what I take. Doh!


Hi, just thought I would join in and say hello.  Very much looking forward to the trek, wanted to head to the Atlas for a long time now.  

I am also having the same debate about the temperature.....may get a little chilly at night and so I may well use that as an excuse to buy the down jacket I have promised myself for a while!!  My current tip is a silk sleeping bag liner.....they really are ace and warm a cold sleeping bag up a treat!!



Hey Sam, good to hear from you.

 Done more or less the same thing with a down jacket I've had my eye on since last winter, except managed to slip mine on the "Birthday List" :-) . Now susbsequently having read a few threads I'm worrying it might be a bit OTT, although they have put in a caviat that snow could cause the itinerary to be changed this late in the season, so who knows?

Definitely going to take your tip on board about the liners as you're about the fourth person to have suggested that, so thanks.

Now just got to find some sandals to fit my Hobbit feet!


Hello everyone,

just paid up so i will be joining you all- so how many does that make ?


Hello everyone,

just paid up so i will be joining you all- so how many does that make ?


Hi, not sure what the numbers are as yet but I guess at least us 5.

 There...I knew that B.Sc in stating the bleeding obvious would come in handy!!

Although Brian did mention there were 7 showing when he booked so not sure exactly? the trip is showing as guaranteed on the 'dates & prices' tab. That means the trip has reached the minimum numbers for departure, which for this trip is 7. Only 6 weeks from tomorrow, I guess I should start getting myself organised for it!


Not a bad idea, must get the last bits of our kit together as it's now ONLY 5 WEEKS AWAY!! Wahoo.

Sorry, I'm getting a little over excited.

Still got to get something for those river crossings, but hate sandals. Anybody got any suggestions, i.e. wet shoes etc? I've looked at a few pairs but really not sure. 

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