Is there anybody out there

Hi - my daughter and I are busy (though probably not busy enough) trying to get fit for our trek, and just wondered who else was going to be joining us? We'd love to hear from anyone.


I have also been hiking the hills of Hockley valley outside of Toronto....We can only hope that the altitude is kind to us.....I am taking altitude pills ( do not have the scientific name )  I took them for my hike in Peru.  I am travelling alone for all my friends do not relish the thought of not washing and walking for 9 days...looking forward to meeting everyone and having a strenuous wonderful eye-opening adventure.


forgot my name....Grace B from Toronto Canada


Hi everyone, i'm Denny i will be on the trek with you and my friend Moira, hopefully we will be fit enough.... training has been a bit haphazard lately but i am sure we will manage and have a great time with you guys. Look forward to meeting everyone  


Hi Grace, Denny and Moira - good to hear from you. Sorry to be slow replying, but we have been away in Pembrokeshire, South Wales for a few days. Apart from anything else, we have been doing a few gentle walks along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path -  I don't know how good it is as training, but it is lovely countryside, and the scenery is superb. I'm not really sure how you do train for this trek, other than trying to cover some miles - somehow I don't think that the hills around Sutton Coldfield quite compare to the Simiens!! We aren't taking altitude sickness pills. Hopefully this isn't a mistake, but we didn't have any problems in Nepal last year (though that was 400m lower). Really looking to meeting everyone, and to what I am sure will be an awesome trek.



Just starting to pack and can not really get a straigh answer from people in the know.....What is the weight limit for the mules.  I will not be going back to Addis after the trip for I am travelling on to Lalibela and will have all my good with me.....I was told that it is 15kg....can anyone confirm.  g

Hi Grace. I have been asking the same questions. I was originally told that the maximum was 20kg, but I questioned this because of only being allowed to take 12kg last year in Nepal (with porters, not mules), and with my daughter being allowed 15kg when she went to Killi (mules). The reply that I got was 'For the weight allowance, I have just gave you  a maximum that you could perhaps take with you. There is at least 18 porters for the trip, so there will be plenty people to help you out. The luggage would be carried by mules. I agree, 12 – 15 kg would be a good weight to take. Perhaps more than that is just not necessary?  The internal flight weight limit I am not sure about….I think, as it usually is, it would be similar to any short haul flights – say 20 kg.'.  I also noticed on the blog for the Simien trip starting on 4th November that we go back to the same hotel in Gondar, and so you could leave something there if you wanted to - you may want to check out the blog for the 4th November. Hope this helps. See you in a week!!



I am limiting myself to under 15kg....Machu Pichu i think personal was 5kg....( no sleeping bag or mat )  I think that I am as ready as I am going to be.....I can't wait.  I am not going back to the Gondor Hotel for when we fly back I head to Lalibela and the rest of the group goes back to Addis.  Therefore I must lug eveverything.  Looking forward to meeting everyone.  grace

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