Is there anybody out there? Inca Trail & Amazon Rain Forest

Ok, first trip on my own and just booked train tickets to get me to Heathrow. Can not wait for 26th July to arrive. Itching to get get under way!! - Maybe it's the anti mosquito cream I'm trying! Right, so who else is embarking on this amazing trip? or is it just going to be the guide, a handful of porters and myself?

Hello, Karen here.  Only 7 weeks to go, am really excited about the trip too.  Have friends that have been and said it was amazing!  Off to do some walking now in preparation for those Inca steps!!! 


Hi! Yep not long now! I am travelling on my own too! I am beginning to get excited too! Glad there will be three of us at least! 



Hi Lucy and Karen.

Well at least there are people going on this trip!! How is all the preparation going? Done one or two hills uo here in Nth Yorks, and I hope they will prepare me for those Inca Steps. Trying lots of different potions that should keep off most biting insects, unfortunately I think the Amazon beggars will need something a little more exotic!. Any ideas you two??

As for clothing, well 7 kg isn't a great deal and it looks like I'm going to have to ditch the little black number! I think the emphasis is on travelling light!

Hope all is going well with you preparations and if you have any tips PLEASE feel free to share. My friendly doctor ( who is a climber ) suggests I drink coca tea as if it's going out of fashion. It tastes awuful, but it can help with alleviating the effects of high altitude.


Have also heard that the tea is a must have.  Friends failed to tell me that it tastes awful though! 

I usually find that any insect creams/sprays with 50% deet in are effective.  I bought myself an insect repellent shirt to wear as extra protection!!  

Think I need to read the trip notes again and start thinking about what else I need to take.  Not long to go now!  




Hi Lucy & Karen,

Well, not long now. The bag is starting to get filled up with what, I hope I will need. Have you got all your stuff together yet? Got back home yesterday having just bought insulated jacket ( Go Outdoors bargin ) only to find security tag still on it!! Sooooo its another trip back there, to get the wretched thing off. Oh well another excuse to get a few more bits. ( a 60 mile trip though!! )

Have you had  all your jabs yet? The yellow fever one came as a bit of a blow- infact a family of four could have had a nice holiday somewhere for what these have cost. All I can say is that if I bite someone, they're going to be mighty sorry!!

The teach yourself spanish course is going well however, not to be recommended when you are driving along as some motorists think you are saying something about their awful driving!!

Have carried numerous tests on various products to keep off mozzies - decided to forget skin so soft as it just made me smell nice as I was being bitten. Other stuff just caused painful reactions, which, would be more of a problem than the mozzies. So..having asked various treckers and explorers...I have settled for 50% Deet roll on. Tried 100% stuff, but melted my glasses!

Are you both leaving from Heathrow T5? If so looking forward to meeting up and having a laugh.

Enjoy the build up and happy packing.



I know! It is getting close now! Yeah I have had all my jabs and just a few bits still to get! What bag are you taking? A rucksack? Yep, I am flying from Heathrow too! Lucy

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