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Hi all

I've recently found myself single and in dire need to start going out and meeting people. I figured that going away might be a good start.

I have no aversion to meeting people of all ages but I've seen on some solo travel sites that the majority of travellers are 55+. Is this site different?

I would also like recommendations on where to head for. I like to be active over sitting on a beach, although my main aim is to meet people and socialise so adrenalin rushes are not essential.

I'm on a tight budget as I'm now having to run a house on a single salary - sadly, that means the more exotic holidays are probably out for me! That doesn't mean I can't add them to my wishlist :)

Any input would be appreciated.




Hi Tilly, my experience of the age range on the trips is that they are quite wide ranging and have broadly been from mid 20's to 60's on the trips I've done.  Also, if there is a trip you are interested in, you can ask for an overview of the ages of the people who are booked on it to give you an idea as well.  As for locations, it would very much depend on your interests so you will probably be best using the trip finder tool as you can input your budget, how long you want to go for etc and will be given a list of suggestions.  All I will say is that I've thoroughly enjoyed every trip I've done with Exodus and can't wait for my next one in a few weeks! Laura


Thanks very much, Laura, that's really helpful.

Enjoy your trip! :)

Hi Tilly,

I have been on 3 Exodus trips (2 on my own, one with a friend) and would agree that age range is late 20s to 70s.  There has also been a good of people travelling on their own and couples/friends.  And as Laura says, you can phone Exodus and they will tell you the mix of age/gender/solos already booked on any departure, so if you had a couple of dates in mind you could choose the one that suits you best based on the mix.  They also run a few solo departure trips where the idea is that everybody is booking on their own.  I have just booked onto the Week in Jordan trip for 16th November and have been told that so far there are 4 ladies in their 30s and 40s booked on to it. Maybe a possibility for you? :-)



I am about to join my 16th Exodus trip this Sunday and nearly all of them have been on my own as my other half is not a traveller. Not only do I travel on my own but have made some lasting friendships with people I have met along the way and have then in turn gone on trips with them. In fact Sunday's trip is with a friend whom I first met on an Exodus trip a few years ago and she and I and another friend I met on an Exodus trip and subsequently travelled with, all did the three peaks together in July.
As said the age range is 20-70 and a very high percent are travelling alone. You will find a great mix of folk all with the same shared interests. A great starter might be the Andalucia holidays - either walking or historic. You stay in a great place, the group have exclusive use of the Cortijo (farmhouse) food is fab too. I appreciate money might be an issue but when comparing companies look closely at what Exodus has to offer. They are not the cheapest (or dearest) but I definitely rate them. Some of the trips allow you to book a single room for a supplement. Everyone is different but if I am my own I usually opt for it as i like my own space. Having said that on some trips you can't and I spent 2 weeks in a two man tent with a stranger in Africa and it was great- as I said like minded people.

I sincerely hope that you have a great first trip and many more after. Good luck and enjoy the next chapter in your life

I just got back from an Exodus trip. I am 26 and went as a solo traveller and I thought it was brilliant. I shared a room with a 70 year old and she was brilliant! If you are still thinking about it I would really suggest you go for it! I am already looking for where to go next year!

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