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If you are travelling on this trip post your forum entry here for other travellers on this trip.


Imran @ Exodus


looking forward!

would like to hear from anyone else going

Sheelegh and Henry

Matt M

Im also on this trip.. Rushing around now getting gear ready..  

Must say little dissapointed with the lack of Photographic detail within the trip dossier especially as this is a photographic trip.. Ive had to ask others that have been to this area regarding info against Dust etc.. alot of other photographic companies detail this.. Waiting to here back from Exodus about use of bean bags / monopods as the Africa Photographic trips detail that bean bags are supplied..

Hi All

Am a returner for this trip (for my sins!)! 

@Matt - I found that bean bags aren't really suitable here - the gypsies (jeeps) are open so no leaning places for them really, but a monopod may work for you! Yes - it can be dusty and hot during the day too!

Looking forward to meeting up with everyone - will check back here too, if I can answer anything else!

bye for now


Matt M

@Jackie, thanks for the info.. Spoke to Paul on Friday and he also mentioned monopods.. All sorted now so looking forward to it, been many years since ive been in India.. Looking forward to be back..


good to see matt and jackie,s comments,fraid we only have a kodak box camera

or equivalent!Is anyone travelling on exodus organised flight?Sheeligh and I are staying on afterwords,

anyone else?

be great to meet everyone else.

henry and sheelagh

Hi Henry and Sheelagh - hope you have your cricket gear along with that box camera then! Don't do cricket myself but can cheer loudly when needed! 

Am on the organised flights - both ways (not staying on -sadly!)

@Matt - glad you managed to speak to Paul!!!

see you all soon! J 

Matt M

Yes myself and partner are on the group flight both ways. Not staying on sadly as i need to head back home to earn the money for Africa later in the year with Paul G..

Its a big group so will see everyone at Heathrow or on the plane..

@ Jackie, just read your review of this trip from 2009 (i think).. Hopefully it will be as good now as it was for you then..





I think we may need to change money on arrival and before we clear customs.

Any info?

Looking forward to meeting everyone



... @Henry - yes I think we can change money while waiting for our bags to come through - we'll all be in the same boat!

@Matt - 2009 was a very good trip, not sure that we will have quite the sightings as then - but here's hoping! Was also at Bandhavgarh last year (not with Paul) and our sightings were not great - so who knows - with 7 days there though we will be putting in the time and giving it every opportunity! Fingers and toes are crossed! 


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