TMP Atlas Panorama

Hi there, anyone else booked to go on the Aug 26th departure?


Myself and a friend are booked on this trip.  V excited, though dreading how hot its going to be!



I'm coming on the August 26th trip, really excited. Cant wait to try and speak french in marrakesh, we're going to have some funny stories from this trip.

 Have you two received your kit bags yet?

I think mine has arrived but it's gone to my dad's address as I am moving around a bit at the moment!  Going to investigate at the weekend.

I need to sort out getting to heathrow, have to use the train....I don't suppose any of you have done that before and can advise??  I am new to travelling alone!


I'm travelling alone for the first time as well! Im driving from manchester to heathrow so I dont really know about the train sorry

 Got my bag now =) it's bigger than I thought it would be, but if you see a massive 6 foot 4 man in the queue with the same bag feel free to say hello haha.

 Is anyone on the flight which goes to casablanca then to marrakesh? 

yep, bag is huge!  Also managed to blag a lift to heathrow so no need to stress over trains :)

I'm on the flight direct to marrakesh.  Just wondering how much money to take with me?  Also is anyone else taking little gifts for the local kiddies?

Yes we have our kit bags too, huge, but sure I will have no problem filling it!

 I haven't really thought about currency yet, maybe £400.  Not sure what we will need.

Yes think we will, prob some crayons and colouring books. 

4 weeks today!! 

I think we are the last four to join - Our first Exodus trip but heard good reports from friends- always wanted to see Morocco so really looking forward to it. We are flying under our own arrangements as we are taking a few days at the end to go to the coast at Essaouira. So see you all at the Hotel Oudaya on Sunday 26th! Not sure what all the talk of kit bags is bout?!


you get sent a big exodus kit bag sent to you when you book, so hopefully you shall get yours soon,

because of my indirect flight through casablanca I only get to hotel Oudaya past midnight so I'll probably see everyone there in the morning, Im not taking too much money, some for the tour group then we are in Marrakesh for 2 days? I'm taking some bits and pieces for the children as well

3 weeks on sunday! 

are you taking actual currency or travellers cheques?


Im taking cash to exchange at the airport

so we have 2 solo 1 couple and a group of 4 friends, well at least we know the lay out of half the group =]

a week on sunday, its come round fast!

Us Alnwickists are a family rather than 4 friends but very friendly so don't worry! When our two sons 20 and 19 heard that we were proposing to jet off to Marrakesh and points south they decided to come - partly because they thought they could persuade us to fit in a couple of days on the coast at Essaouira so they could brush up on their surfing which is why we are doing land only for the tour. One of my sons Richard is training for the Great North Run in September so if any of you fancy some training runs in the High Atlas I am sure he would be delighted for your support!

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