TMPS - Tijzha Volunteer trip 29/4/11

Finally managed to book ourselves onto the Tijzha volunteer trip next April.  We have been meaning to do it for years, but dates always clashed with other commitments. Looking forward to meeing our fellow travellers to this wonderful place.  Anyone else travelling out am 28/4? Nikki & Mark


Hi Nikki and Mark

We are signed up! It's our fourth time out there and we are also flying out the day before. Have you been to Tijhza before or is it your first time to Morocco?

Mum and I are very happy as we are flying Royal Air Maroc from Geneva and we get 30kg luggage! Makes a change.

Beverley & Pat 


Hi Beverley & Pat,

We are going out the morning before on the Easy Jet flight as we want to spend some time in Marrakech if possible.  We have been to Tijhza once before on the Atlas Panorama trip about 4 years ago.  I guess it may be a bit warmer in May than it was in February! 

We look forward to meeting you both.

Nikki & Mark 

Hi Beverley & Pat

I note that you have been on both the Atlas Panorama trip and the Volunteering trip to Morocco. I'm torn between which one to go on and wonder which you would recommend.

I'd like to spend some time exploring Marrakech and I'd also like to do some walking in the mountains, so my gut feeling is that the Panorama trip would be best. In fact, I was all set to book this until I notices the volunteering trip to the area. I did some volunteering work in a school in India and found it really rewarding and fulfilling. I'd love to do somthing similar again. What opportunities are there for walking on the volunteering trip and how much time do you get in Marrakech?

Appreciate your comments


Beverley has asked me to reply on her behalf as I have done both regular Atlas Panorama and volunteer trips. Best advise is to download trip itinerary from Ex website but you are correct that regular trip has more organised walks. However volunteer trip is 10 days and this time we will be going to the desert which is great. If you want to spend extra time in Marrakesh you could fly out a day early. The volunteer trip is very special as you get to interact with the villagers as we spend time working in peoples homes and also with the children at the local school where the annual football match v the teachers has now become a tradition! Like Beverley I have done the volunteer trip since they started and I would thoroughly recommend it if you don't mind mucking in as its very rewarding




Not long before I start getting ridiculously excited and start on my practice packing to get everything in. Apparently we land before most of the day before travellers so we will be at the Riad raring to go when both the day before arrivals get there and of course the main trip. Faith - which trip did you book in the end?


Mark and I are also flying out the morning of 28/4 so we'll see you at the Riad that day sometime.  Really looking forward to it now.  Any ideas what they do for lunches as they are not included just trying to work ourt funds and what to take.   Nikki


There is usually a kitty for lunches when we are on the road which is usually a lovely picnic with fresh bread, and up in Tijzha the kitty money goes towards locally made tajines for lunch. I'm not quite sure what we'll do outside of the village, the part after the village is quite new for me too.

Andy will send out an email soon with more info on what to take. In general I take as little as possible for me because everyone at work is used to me going out now they save up all their old clothes to take out to the village, and I already have more donations than luggage allowance. (which means I have to sign up for next year already!)

The first year was really hot so I didn't take any warm clothing the second year and it was freezing, so I try and aim somewhere in between. Usually a sleeping bag liner suffices but with the desert I might take my sleeping bag this year. Pretty much anything you wear outside of Marrakesh will be caked in dust within about a minute, which really helps on packing because you will end up just wearing the same clothes.

Hope this helps, I'll start making a packing list soon! 

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