TMU - Sahara Desert Trek

Been booked on this for a little while & was wondering who else will be joining for the trip to Tunisia over new year?

Looking forward to it, will be a diffrent way to see in the new year... Though I'm already crossing my fingers for good weather this winter!


I'm spending a few days in Tunis and will then be joining you for the flight to Djerba and the desert trek on the 27th.  I did the trip last year and it was great, but my top tip is take 2 fleeces and a good sleeping bag, it gets chilly.


Great to know someone liked this trek enough to do it again! No-one believes I might be cold in the Sahara Desert, but I reckoned I need my down jacket for evenings, and probably my 4-seasons sleeping bag that goes down to -15. It's just that it's my favourite object and some reviews suggest anything you take will have sand in it forever! Any other hints really welcome!

When I was in Sahara in Morocco I didn't find the sand too bad (even managed to keep it out of my boots!). About the only thing that suffered because of it was the camera I took with me at the time, that was mostly down to not putting it in a case right away when it got windy.

Nights got pretty cold, I only had a 3-4 season one and (for me at least but I tend to feel the cold) it wasn't enough, even with a bag liner. Will be bringing a 4 season on this time - it did catch me out last time. Oh and even sleeping under the star's I didn't have any issues with sand & sleeping bag.

 Just under 2 months now :) Will be flying from Heathrow myself.


Yes the sand gets everywhere, but hey when you get home you'll soon find it deposits itself across your house instead of your clothes & what a lovely reminder of a fabulous holiday!   Pack your gear (especially cameras) in resealable plastic bags that does the trick.  I too underestimated the cold last year. I'm taking a 4 season bag this time, which I'm trying out in the Sinai desert next week, can't wait!

Apparently those Zip Lock sandwhich bags work quite well for cameras from what I've been told. Somtimes low tech works best I guess!

Enjoy your trip to Sinai :) 

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