TMU - Sahara Trek March 30th 2013. Who is going?

Hi, I thought I'd get this going. My son (22) and I (64) are going on this trip. We have had quite a few adventures together, including climbing Kilimanjaro successfully, rafting the Salmon River in the US, and trekking the Atlas Mountains in Morocco (although illness got me on that one). We are very much looking forward to this trek, having fun and making new friends.

If anyone has been in the desert before, perhaps they can advise on what to take. Kilimanjaro was alpine desert, but thats very different from sandy desert, I suspect.


Hi! I am also going on the Sahara trek at the end of March. My name is Jayne and whilst I lived in the middle east quite a while ago, I have not spent more than a day here or there in the desert (apart from running out of petrol in the Iraqi desert between Jordan and Baghdad!!)so I can't really advise on what to take! Look forward to meeting you both soon! Jayne


Hi there.  My name is Heather and I am signed up for the trip in the Sahara on March 30 as well. Look forward to meeting the group in Tunisia.

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