TNC - Annapurna, Chitwan and Everest , departing 30 October 2010

Anyone going on this trip?


Me! Have you been to Nepal before?


I'm also going on this trip. Never been on such a trip before, but am going on Inca Trail, leaving this weekend, so will be able to tell you about Exodus, organisation etc. Are you going by yourselves? I am. No-one else I know wants to come - or rather won't commit to being 'fit enough' whatever that is. Son inspired me. He went to bum around India for 6 months in 2008 and was so taken by trekking in Nepal that he stayed long enough to be met by the monsoons. His photos inspired me.



trish kennard

Hello there, there are two of us going on this trip-John, my hubby and me the better looking one-this will be our 3rd trip with exodus-going to Corsica in June. Always wanted to go to Nepal, so really excited-anyway looking forward to meeting new people and having a really good time.


I'm also travelling alone and am really looking forward to it already. I haven't really done anything like this before i.e. walking/trekking at altitude  but it's a trip I have long wanted to do  as Nepal fascinates me. My younger brother did the Everest Base Camp trip a couple of years ago and he encouraged me to go with Exodus. I only hope I can keep up with any youngsters that are travelling with us! When I booked there were 6 others going but the numbers may have increased by now. Are you all incredibly fit and exercising madly?!


Hollyhannah - I notice you comment about keeping up with the youngsters. I am also going by myself and am NOT young any more! On the Inca Trail trip I went on in April, we all didn't want to slow the group down and I think in retrospect we all wished we had been less driven to do the day's walk as quickly as possible. We were all fit enough, but didn't believe it until the end.We could also go at our own pace mostly. There were times when we were asked to keep together and times when people who wished to go faster were told where to stop and wait. I'm really looking forward to Nepal, although am worried that I've lost a lot of fitness since Peru. Rosemary


Rosemary - Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but have been involved with grandchildren etc. I shall be really interested to hear about the Peru trip you did as that is also on my ever-growing list of places to go.

Richard - I missed the first screening of the programme but see that it's on again this evening so intend to watch it. I only have a 'point and shoot' camera but intend to take loads of photos and the camera is pretty good at views - not so good on animals which are in the distance as evidenced by my African safari ealier this year! I haven't the patience for a proper camera so have to make do with what I have. Can't believe it's only 2 months now until we go  - soon we'll be able to say that it's next month!


Ruth and I have done two trips with Exodus:  Vietnam and  Cambodia, and Peru including the Inca Trail and the Amazon.  Before our first trip with Exodus we were also concerned that everyone would be super-fit, but we were relieved to find that most people were averagely fit like us.  We are certainly looking forward to Nepal and meeting you all.


I checked availabilty today for our trip and assume it's now full as it's no longer offered. There are 7 of us who have posted messages in Compass Cafe so that leaves about 9 unknowns. It's difficult to know how fit we should be but I'm sure we'll all be fine. Has anyone gone ahead and had rabies or Japanese Encephalilitis vaccinations - my surgery offered them but I declined as the travel notes indicated they weren't necessary. However I've just been informed by my surgery that they have been advised that if you're travelling to Nepal, you need to be vaccinated against swine flu so I agreed to having that one. Really looking forward to the trip - not too long to go.

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