TNE Everest Base Camp and Gokyo Lakes

Hi everyone,

 Thought i'd pop something on here as i haven't noticed anything for our departure date as yet. Getting nearer the time and the butterflies are beginning! Something i'm familiar with but not under these circumstances.

Hoping to hear from a few of the group before we all meet up in Katmandu, so feel free to join in. Any advice regarding packing etc will be greatly appreciated as i only have a week to prepare kit wise from my Afghanistan deployment.


Hi everyone,

 We're getting really excited too (4 of us).  Not sure about the packing advice as we're not too sure either.  One of us is also in Afghanistan too!!  Will becoming back this week.  No doubt you two will have lots in common.  Look forward to meeting you in Kathmandu unless you are going from Heathrow when we may meet up there.  On your note it shows the departure date of 5th April but we are going on the 4th!!

Frances, Tom, Dale and Corinna. 

I'm on the flight from Manchester via Doha so will see you all in Katmandu. Looking forward to meeting you all too. Have any of you done something like this before? I've been researching the packing side of things with info from some other sites..... They all have conflicting ideas on what to take so as long as i go with what Exodus have suggested and maybe 1 or 2 other things, i should be ok.

Yeah it was suppose to say the 4th so i'll try and ammend the post. See you all in 2 weeks


I've climbed Kilimanjaro and Dale has climbed Mt Kenya but it will be a first for the others, other than Mt Snowdon.  I'm not aware that there is anyone else in our group as of last weekend anyway.  Look forward to meeting you in Kathmandu. We're getting really excited and counting down the days.  Are you back in England yet?

Frances, Tom, Dale and Corinna. 

Nope, just been let down again with my flights out of here! Another 24hrs so should be back about 9pm tomorrow!

I'm already looking into my next trek and Kilimanjaro is what i've been looking at. So needless to say i'll be picking your brains about the experience. I'm hoping to convince a mate of mine to come along as he's eager to do something..... Just needs a little motivating!

See you all soon for a beer and heres to an amazing trip :-)

Let's hope you're back later today.  Dale got back 2 weeks ago but is going back again a few days after we get back from Nepal. We all hate it when he goes!  I'm also looking at my next adventure and am looking at Patagonia or maybe Alaska!   Have you done anything else like this before?

Look forward to meeting you in Kathmandu. 


I've been around a couple of the mountains in the Lake District but never done anything like this before. I've a few friends here who wished they could have got the time off but i'm sure i'll let them all know what they missed out on!

I know what you mean by when Dale goes away. My family and friends hate it as well, but they know its what i do and won't be forever. So they just make the most of it when i come back home on leave.

 Well the day is getting closer and the excitement is building, see you all in Katmandu.


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