TNI - Island Peak/Everest Base Camp 19th October 2011

Hi - my name is Chris and I am doing the above trip - and can't wait, although a bit nervous about Island Peak summit ridge! Is anyone else here doing it, and if so would love to hear from you :)


Hi Chris,

Pleased to meet you

My wife and I are scheduled to be doing this trip in October, Should be fun. I have not climbed an exposed ridge like this so should be interesting for both of us. More worried about the flight out of Lukla if I'm honest. Look forward to meeting you. Martin


Hello to you both, my wife and I are also doing this trip and looking forward to it immensley. 10 years ago we did the Annapurna Circuit and it was awesome. Never thought we would manage another trip to Nepal but this one really scratched the itch to have a go at a trekking peak.  Looking forward to meeting you. Dave & Maureen 


Excellent - good to hear from both of you, and thanks for the replies. The ridge does look fairly hairy, and yes the flight to Lukla is quite an experience I am told. My first time in the Himalayas and really looking forward to being there. Are you guys taking all of the requisite equipment with you, or looking to hire/purchase in Kathmandu? I own nothing in the way of ice axes/crampons/harnesses and the like and am not sure what do in this regard. Any advice greatly appreciated! Best wishes, Chris.


Chris, just logged back in and noticed your post was a few weeks ago. If you are not sorted yet with the technical mountaineering equipment requirements I believe Exodus give some advise in their trip notes and if you are still uncertain I would recommended giving them a call to discuss your options. As you do not own your own stuff, purchasing would be an expensive option if you do not use for UK winter or alpine mountaineering. The easiest option may be to hire in Kathmandu, that way you do not have to take all that gear with you, but I would check with Exodus to ensure this is possible.

Hope you get fixed up. Best Wishes Dave & Maureen 


Hi to all of you :-)
I'm on this one and so is a mate of mine. Really looking forward to the trip and meeting all of you!
Aquavista, you can hire all the necessary equipment in Kathmandu at reasonable cost. The trip leader will make sure that everyone has exactly what's needed. We've been Mera Peak last year and couldn't have been looked after better! And yes, the flight in and out of Lukla is brilliant!!
See you all soon, Stefan


Hi all,

 Just a quick note to say that unfortunately Susanna and I can no longer make the trip. I tore my calf muscle playing football last week and can't do any sporting activity, trekking etc for the next few months. We are really gutted to say the least we had just paid the final balance and was counting down the days, but we wish you all the very best of luck and I hope everyone makes it to the summit. Please share your stories on this forum when you return as it will provide us with some tips if we plan to re-book in the future.

Good luck !!

 Martin & Susanna


Terrible news! Sorry to hear that :-( get better soon ( and learn how to play football )


Echo Stefan's comments and sorry to hear your news - what a shame!

To everyone else - 3 weeks and counting!

 Best wishes everyone,



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