Hi, is there anyone going on the Everet Base Camp (TNT) trip departing 09 October 2011. Would love to hear from you.


Rita Macainsh, Hi there Smiler, My partner Geoff and I are off to the Himalayas in October. This is our first trip with Exodus and we are looking forward to it . I'm a little nervous about it as I have not done such a big walk before. Geoff has done a lot more walking than me but not such a big adventure as this.

Have you been on any trips before like this one? Are you coming alone or with freinds?

Speak soon

Regards RIta

Hi Rita, I am coming alone on this trip and 2 years ago I trekked up to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro with Exodus. I have also done trips to the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, been to Turkey, Brazil and Venezuela, Egypt and Malaysia.

I am looking forward to this trip very much.


Hi, is there anyone else going on this trip to Everest Base Camp other than myself, Rita and her partner Geoff?


Hi Margaret, Clive, Rita and Geoff. I'm joining this trip as a birthday present to myself. This will be my second visit to Nepal, but last time we only did short day trips into the foothills, so this is my first long trek in the Himalayas. 

Exodus comes highly recommended by friends, so I'm really looking forward to this trip!

Hi there, nice to meet you. It will be a great trip. This is my first trip to Nepal and have been wanting to go to Nepal ever since I was a child.



Rita Macainsh

Its good to see some more people coming along. We are getting really excited now and can't wait. Scott its our first trip with Exodus and we also had the company highly recommended. This is a good way to get to know each other before we meet up in person. See you all soon.



Hi everybody, I'm Chris and me and my mate John will be joining you on the trip to Nepal. Looking forwards to it very much but expect it to be hard work. I have just got back from a trip to the French Alps which was enjoyable but a bit tyring. This has woken me up to the fact that walking at altitude is not the same as running and walking the small hills in London so I will be doing plenty of training over the next few weeks.  Not been to Nepal before but a work friend has been (with Exodus) and he said it was fantatastic & so I booked up as soon as I got my holiday dates. See you all in October.



Hi Guyys

Good to read wot y'all have to say.... i am so looking forward to it.. bin on count down for months!!! Its my 5th trip with exodus, done annapurna, morrocco, machu pichu,  killi now the big un!!  Cant wait to meet you, im flying to heathrow from manchester, so will see you in about 5 weeks 3 days and a couple of hours!!! happy training  wendy x

Hi Wendy, hope all is well. I am itching to go now. This is my 3rd trip with Exodus, I trekked up Kili 2 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I booked this trip 2 years ago to go last October but postponed it till this year, so it has been 2 years in the making for me. It is my 1st trip to Nepal.  Probably bump into you at Heathrow. Seen you in 40 days 4 hours and 59 minutes.

All the best




Hi Guys

Me and my mate Peter will be joining you. This is my first trip with Exodus but I have trekked Gokyo Lakes and Kilimanjaro some years ago- I was a lot younger then! Really looking forward to the trip and meeting you all

Regards John


Hi John and Peter, hope all is well. I am now itching to go now. It is so close but still feels so far! I trekked upto top of Kili 2 years ago, great fun. This is at least my third time with Exodus. Well see you soon (well in 22 days 20 hours time aprox)



Hi all, myself and husband Phil are also joining this trip - we are organising our flights directly from Belfast so will meet up with the group in Kathmandu. Really looking forward to it, even though we done any of the exciting trips that some of you have mentioned above so are first timers when it comes to altitude.  

Think we've got most of our kit sorted out, just trying to gather together all the toiletries, tablets etc at this stage - there is a lot to think about!

Hope everyone is keeping healthy and strong (we're still working on it!)



Hi Cathy, hope all is well. It is certainly not long now. I can't wait to get going now. Just getting the last bit of equipment together. Unfortunatley having to get new boots as my present ones have sprung a leak! Looking forward in meeting everybody either at Heathrow or at Kathmandu. Hopefully the earthquake that struck the Himalayas on 18/09/11 won't effect us. 

See you soon



Rita Macainsh

 Hi Cathy, Welcome. I think we are all getting a little excited about this trip, I know I am. I think you are right it will be all to do with the altitude. Slow and easy does it seems to be the way to go. It will good to get to know every one, I feel I know you all a little any how. See you and Phil in Katmandu. Have a good journey. Bye for now.

 Regards Rita

Hi all, just realised that there are two trips leaving very close together and wondoring which one you are all on? We are on the one that is ex London 7th Oct and ex Kathmandu 8th Oct, but Clive's first subject line says departing 9th October (although the trip is dated 8th Oct in the subheading) so I'm guessing it might be the later trip?



Hi Cathy, my flight details on my Final Joining Instructions says 9th October departing Heathrow at 20:45. You need to check with Exodus


Hi Clive, then we're actually on a different trip from you - I just realised when I checked your first post again that there are two dates mentioned, and there are actually two different trips leaving 2 days apart. Hope you have a great trip - and you never know, we might end up crossing paths if the monsoon doesn't leave soon!!



Rita Macainsh
Hi Cathy. Good luck on your trip and I hope we do meet along the way.
Hope the monsoons do stop really soon.
Bye for now
Regards Rita

Yes , we may meet op. I hope you enjoy the experience which I am sure you will. Take care.


Hi Cathy. I am also on the earler departure (London 7th October,) so looking forward to meeting you both in Kathmandu.

 The big challenge for me at the moment is getting the kit bag down to 12kg!

 Kind regards,



I'm also on this trip.  Be at Heathrow on 7 October, hoping may see some of you there.  I'm very inexperienced at flying so that will be my first challenge.  I've rarely go out of Britain so going to Nepal will really be something completely different for me.  Not long now. 

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